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If you have a wellness website design you likely are passionate about your work as a holistic practitioner, and way less passionate about managing your website…  As the Website Doula I am committed to sharing website tips & tutorials to help you grow your holistic website.

If you have ever found yourself confused by how to register a domain, create a gravatar, or what exactly to include on your about page or resources page, you’ll find the answers here. Is there something you want to know how to do but don’t see it here? Let me know at info@thewebsitedoula.com and it might just become my next free website tutorial!

google reviews

Simple Trick for Google Reviews

Having a Google+ Business Profile with glowing reviews is a great way to boost your wellness website rankings, allowing for an additional way for your site to show up in local search. (Here is my tutorial on how to create a Google+ business page for your health & wellness business!) While your clients may be…

True Cost of Website Mistakes

Crickets or Cha-Ching? The True Cost of a Bad Website

How does your website work for you? I mean really WORK… Does it lead to the sound of “crickets” in your business, or a steady flow of awesome client inquiries who become beloved clients? TRUTH: Your website is the key link between your holistic practice and all the lovely people out there who would love…

Image showing online security

Why your Website Needs a Privacy Policy

As a health and wellness provider, you are deeply invested in the quality of care you provide your clients. Whether you are a midwife, chiropractor, reiki master, or postpartum doula, you hear countless deeply personal stories in the course of your care. Whether or not your profession is mandated to follow HIPAA guidelines, you of…

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How to Take Down a Website

I got the loveliest email from a longtime client last week. She is ready to retire, and it is much-deserved after many many years supporting her community. She wrote and asked, “Are you ready to be an end-of-life Website Doula”? Loads of reasons could lead to the decision to take down your website. Maybe you’re…

Domain Privacy. What you need to know.

Most health and wellness business owners I work with on websites have never heard of domain privacy, and bump into the question of website privacy for the first time when setting up their new domain and hosting account. The cost for domain privacy is usually around $12 / year, which is pretty negligible in the…

Google Analytics 4 making the switch

Do you use Google Analytics? How to make the switch to GA4.

Every once in a while there’s a big shift in the way we do things online thanks to Google shaking things up… A few years ago it was Google Core Web Vitals. A few years before that it was ensuring your site had a security certificate installed (SSL). And almost 10 years ago I got…

Laptop and clock on desk. how long does it take for a website to show in google

How long does it take for my new website to show in google search results?

It’s hard to resist, I know… So often the moment we launch a new website, clients immediately hop on google the next morning expecting to show up #1 on page 1 of search results. Or at least somewhere on that page! Or the next page perhaps? Somewhere on google? Anywhere on google! I get it….

build doula website

Want to build your own website? 6 questions you should answer first.

As a website designer (aka website doula…) I get the calls from the doulas who are ready to throw in the towel after months of wasted time trying to figure out whatever website platform they have chosen. I get the calls from the doulas whose websites have been live for a year and haven’t resulted…


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I do my best to include helpful posts for your online strategy and your holistic business. Whether you are a midwife, chiropractor, doula, or non-profit / advocacy organization, you will find tips & tricks to improve your website and use it as a creative tool to get more clients.

Have a topic you'd like to learn more about? Email me at info@thewebsitedoula.com and let me know!

Sarah Juliusson

Hi there, I’m Sarah Juliusson, The Website Doula. I support your practice growth with creative website design, seasoned business guidance, and plenty of great resources to help you find your way. With 20+ years as a doula and childbirth educator, I believe in the value of your work as much as you do. >> learn more about my work as the website doula