Yes, there really is a website doula!

Hi, my name is Sarah Juliusson, founder of The Website Doula. As a website designer and developer, my goal is to feel more like a website doula. I offer practical, emotional, and technical support from the conception through the birth of your dream website for your business. You enjoy the benefits of working with a web designer who understands the unique online needs of a holistic service business website, from registration forms to testimonials and resource pages.

I offer a range of design packages to meet the needs of your growing practice, from custom website design to a DIY course helping you build your own website!

Sarah Juliusson The Website Doula


Along with serving wellness and birth pros as the Website Doula for the past 10 years, I was a professional birth doula and childbirth educator for 20+ years - I know how what it feels like to manage your own business & serve local families with love.  I love this stuff. Design. Copy editing. Coding! It's a strange and unexpected thing to love, but I'm glad to have found a positive way to use my skills in support of my lovely clients around the globe. I see my role as a creative way to contribute to our shared vision of transforming our birth and wellness culture. I want to see your practice thrive!

Alison Wurts

MEET ALISON - my admin doula!

Since 2013 Alison has been an amazing support to my work as The Website Doula. She actually shares a similar birth to coding journey as I do. Following the birth of her first child in 2005  (I instructed her prenatal class way back when I was a childbirth educator!), she began to sell homebirth supplies online and taught herself code. From there, she fell in love with both self-employment and web design. Along with being my amazing assistant, Alison and her husband manage a family business and homeschool their three children.


If you are curious to learn more about your options for website doula care, I encourage you to contact me for a free 20 minute consultation. No pressure, no upselling, just solid advice helping you identify your next best steps.