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The Journey

The path to becoming a doula

One of the things I love about working with birth and postpartum professionals as a web designer is hearing how each of you came to this path. Perhaps it was your own birth experience, supporting a friend in birth, reading Ina May Gaskin, or a purely chance encounter that lead you down this path. It…

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My new love: Marvelous Maca Bliss

I have never been a coffee drinker. As a child, I hated the smell and would go to the opposite end of the kitchen to avoid the smells wafting from my parents’ mugs. As an adult, I ADORE the smell, and have even come to love the taste – maybe once a month. Living in…

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You asked – I’m answering

The Website Doula in Costa Rica

Last week I put out an anonymous questionnaire inviting you to ask me just about any personal or website related question with the goal of opening up a new level of conversation in 2017. You all responded with a host of great business questions & a few tasty personal ones, and now I have pleasure…

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Avoiding Doula Burnout: The Tale of a Doula Sabbatical

avoiding doula burnout

I know a lovely, skilled, dynamic, and incredibly inspired doula & childbirth educator who has been at risk for doula burnout. Let’s call her Betsy. She does absolutely incredible things in her community, creating innovative offerings that have established her as a respected expert. She’s one of those people that wakes up with an idea,…

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Ask the Doula – What Do You Want to Know in 2017?

Happy almost new year! I thought I’d welcome 2017 by inviting you to ask me questions related to business or website strategy – this is your chance to truly treat me as your “doula”. Consider this an open door to my office! I’ll be answering your questions in future blog posts. What do you want…

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Mary’s Birth Story: The Poems of Lucille Clifton

Poetry Lucille Clifton Song of Mary

As a devoted birth professional, I’ve always felt a fascination with Mary’s side of the story as we approach Christmas. As a young woman I discovered a series of five Mary poems by powerful poet Lucille Clifton. From Mary’s childhood with a future already written, to her experience of conception, birth, and motherhood, these poems…

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On Birth Nerds and Passwords: My Confession

As a website designer I have endless opportunities to share passwords with clients. New website login information, mailchimp logins, email passwords – I spend an unusual amount of time each week verifying passwords. As you know, a quality password should involve a blend of capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Now, when are talking…

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Walking into the Unknown: The Doula Interview…

doula interviewing

I’m not sure there are any jobs in the world that require quite this much interviewing to make a living…  Remember back when you had a “normal” job?  Once you nailed the hiring interview, that was it… you had a job.  Now you get to go through the interview & hiring process several times each…

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Why I am Not a Midwife

Happy International Day of the Midwife everyone! My 26 years in the birth world been quite a journey, and the incredible work of midwifery is a core part of who I am today. Given how many doulas and childbirth educators I meet who dream of “one day” becoming a midwife, I thought I’d take a…

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Values, Passion and your Doula Practice

Featured guest interview with doula Jodi green

I am happy to share with you all today’s feature interview with Jodi Green, a seasoned doula with over 14 years of experience supporting families and a true leader in the birth community. Based in New Jersey, she supports east coast families with of a range services that include childbirth preparation, birth and postpartum doula…

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Resources for Pregnancy Loss

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day and I find myself feeling a bit shaken by the many posts from friends in the birth world on this topic.  We lost our third child in 2006 around 18 weeks of pregnancy.  Our personal journey of pregnancy loss has shaped my own personal path as a…

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Making Birth Work your Real Job

full time doula services

***If you’re interested full-time doula job, take a look at my post on doula jobs and taking the leap. Be sure to read my Ever wonder what it takes to be a full-time doula or childbirth educator with birth work as your “real” job? While life on call is best managed when you don’t have…

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