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Life… work… motherhood. Like so many of you, I much of my career as a doula and childbirth educator was as a young mother. I lived that balance between clients & toddlers, and the craziness of a life on call. I trained as a nurse (even got a masters degree!), and a midwife. I grew a successful childbirth education & doula agency.

And here I am, 20 years later. The boys are nearly grown (17 & 19!), and I’m on the verge of an empty nest. Here I share everything from stories of my journey as a birth pro, why I didn’t become a midwife after all, favorite recipes, my volunteer work & more.

common business mistakes

Five key business mistakes I have made in my years of self-employment

Ready? Here are five key business mistakes I have made over the years that I wish I had done differently… This is how we learn, right? We make mistakes. Ideally, we learn from them. I’m doing this in the name of showing that we are all on a learning path, that where we are right…

The path to becoming a doula

One of the things I love about working with birth and postpartum professionals as a web designer is hearing how each of you came to this path. Perhaps it was your own birth experience, supporting a friend in birth, reading Ina May Gaskin, or a purely chance encounter that lead you down this path. It…

costa rica

You asked – I’m answering

Last week I put out an anonymous questionnaire inviting you to ask me just about any personal or website related question with the goal of opening up a new level of conversation in 2017. You all responded with a host of great business questions & a few tasty personal ones, and now I have pleasure…

doula burnout

Avoiding Doula Burnout: The Tale of a Doula Sabbatical

I know a lovely, skilled, dynamic, and incredibly inspired doula & childbirth educator who has been at risk for doula burnout. Let’s call her Betsy. She does absolutely incredible things in her community, creating innovative offerings that have established her as a respected expert. She’s one of those people that wakes up with an idea,…

lucille clifton poem

Mary’s Birth Story: The Poems of Lucille Clifton

As a devoted, albeit retired, former doula and childbirth educator, I’ve always felt a fascination with Mary’s side of the story as we approach Christmas. As a young woman I discovered a series of five Mary poems by powerful poet Lucille Clifton. From Mary’s childhood with a future already written, to her experience of conception, birth,…

website passwords

On Birth Nerds and Passwords: My Confession

As a website designer I have endless opportunities to share passwords with clients. New website login information, mailchimp logins, email passwords – I spend an unusual amount of time each week verifying passwords. As you know, a quality password should involve a blend of capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Now, when are talking…

why i am not a midwife

Why I am Not a Midwife

Happy International Day of the Midwife everyone! My 26 years in the birth world been quite a journey, and the incredible work of midwifery is a core part of who I am today. Given how many doulas and childbirth educators I meet who dream of “one day” becoming a midwife, I thought I’d take a…

doula care real job

Making Birth Work your Real Job

***If you’re interested full-time doula job, take a look at my post on doula jobs and taking the leap. Be sure to read my Ever wonder what it takes to be a full-time doula or childbirth educator with birth work as your “real” job? While life on call is best managed when you don’t have…


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I do my best to include helpful posts for your online strategy and your holistic business. Whether you are a midwife, chiropractor, doula, or non-profit / advocacy organization, you will find tips & tricks to improve your website and use it as a creative tool to get more clients.

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