Simple Trick for Google Reviews

google reviews

Having a Google+ Business Profile with glowing reviews is a great way to boost your wellness website rankings, allowing for an additional way for your site to show up in local search. (Here is my tutorial on how to create a Google+ business page for your health & wellness business!) While your clients may be raging fans of your services, it can still be difficult to get them to leave a Google Review. A simple way to look more professional & offer clients a link they can trust using your URL instead of the lengthy google URL is to create a branded link for your Google Reviews.

STEP ONE: Find your Google Business Profile

Do a google search for your business name to find your Google+ page listed in search results. To open up the page as you see below, I clicked on the business name highlighted in the green box. While there is a “write a review” button in the image below, there is no way to send clients there directly. The method below will allow you to create a custom link from your website directly to the reviews page!


STEP TWO: Open your Google Reviews

Click on the More Google Reviews link below the reviews and you’ll see a pop up box.


STEP THREE: Customize your Google Review Link

Once you’ve opened the popup box of google reviews, take a look up at the top of your screen and copy the URL. It will be very long and full of random characters. Now while you could simply give this URL directly to clients, it’s awfully long & not very professional looking, and may not work depending on the settings on their computer.

It takes a bit of effort and know-how, but your end result is oh so effective & pretty. You are going to create a redirect from the original URL to the branded Reviews URL of your choice, such as: > Your Google Reviews URL.

WordPress: Install the Redirection plugin

Squarespace: How to create a redirect on Squarespace

Wix: How to create a redirect on Wix

The Result? A custom, branded link from your website that takes clients directly to the page where they can leave you a glowing review!

Want to upgrade your existing Google Business Profile or need help creating a new one?

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