End-of life care and death doulas represent an important shift in how we are learning to respond to illness and death. While my own background was as a birth doula, I worked with a lot of loss over my 20 years in birth work, including stillbirth, miscarriage, and abortion.  Compassion, connection, and clarity are important elements of a successful death doula website.

As a relatively new profession, it is important that you include key informational elements such as a FAQ section and blogging strategy to help your local audience learn more about your role as a death doula providing end-of-life care for both the individual and family & friends.

As well, you need an effective contact/booking system. Those searching for death doula services are likely in a place of stress and anticipatory grief, so making your website easy to navigate & take action is a simple way to provide soothing care even before you meet. You can click on each of the images below to see examples of Death Doula website designs live.

> Be sure to also check out my client reviews for a unique perspective on my work as The Website Doula.

- Sarah Juliusson, the WEBSITE DOULA


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