Hynobirthing childbirth educator training

A Fresh Approach to Childbirth Education: Meet HelloBirth

By Sarah Juliusson | May 9, 2022

Meet Jenny Bennett, founder of HelloBirth Class! I’ve worked with Jenny for many years, and have watched her transition from part-time practitioner to full-time childbirth educator and doula, found an agency, train doulas, reestablish herself in a new state, and more.  Like so many childbirth…

build doula website

Want to build your own website? 6 questions you should answer first.

By Sarah Juliusson | January 5, 2022

As a website designer (aka website doula…) I get the calls from the doulas who are ready to throw in the towel after months of wasted time trying to figure out whatever website platform they have chosen. I get the calls from the doulas whose…

website health checkups

Why your website needs regular health checks.

By Sarah Juliusson | September 6, 2021

I want you to take a moment and consider the things that turn you OFF when you’re cruising the internet looking for a service or product. Slow loading pages or images? Yep. Broken links? Most definitely. A security certificate warning? I won’t even try to…

Teux Deux To Do List Review

Rock your To-Do List with Teux Deux! A Productivity Hack for Wellness Pros

By Sarah Juliusson | August 3, 2021

When you run a holistic business you have a lot of balls in the air at all times. From billing to blogging, the admin aspects of running a wellness biz can be overwhelming. There are lots of fancy solutions out there for project management, but…

doula full time jobs

Doula Jobs: How to be a full-time doula

By Sarah Juliusson | July 26, 2021

Are you wondering if your job can actually be as a full-time doula? What does the doula jobs industry look like? Wondering if there is even room for more new birth or postpartum doulas to thrive in your community? Or perhaps you’ve been doing doula…

common business mistakes

Five key business mistakes I have made in my years of self-employment

By Sarah Juliusson | July 21, 2021

Ready? Here are five key business mistakes I have made over the years that I wish I had done differently… This is how we learn, right? We make mistakes. Ideally, we learn from them. I’m doing this in the name of showing that we are…

coaching website design

Five expert design tips for your new health coaching website.

By Sarah Juliusson | July 17, 2021

*While I wrote this post specifically for health coaches, the lessons below are equally applicable to just about any wellness practitioner and entrepreneur. If you’re a doula, therapist, acupuncturist, or chiropractor, you can keep reading as well! So you’re a health coach! There are a…

gsuite emails

Why Choose Workspace (Gsuite) as your Email Provider

By Sarah Juliusson | July 9, 2021

A surprisingly complex topic that comes up over and over again with my web design clients is email. How do I create a domain-based email or should I just use gmail? Can I get a free email? How many email accounts can I have? What…

how to choose a domain name

Choosing Your Domain Name (updated for 2021)

By Sarah Juliusson | May 3, 2021

More often than not, I get a new client calling me for help building their new website who has a fantastic creative name for their business that has only one major catch: <em>The domain name is not available.</em> Perhaps someone else is using it for…

core web vitals wellness websites

Core Web Vitals: How the new Google Update will impact your wellness website

By Sarah Juliusson | April 22, 2021

Once again, I get to write you a “Friendly FYI” blog post. This time, it’s about an upcoming change on Google that will impact your presence in search results (SEO). Ouch, I know. But don’t walk away, please. Keep reading. Do you have a wellness…


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