White Space & Your Website

April 1, 2019

I took a writing course this fall learning about memoir writing as a woman and mother. This was something new for me… I can write an informational blog post with ease, but taking my thoughts & experiences and translating them into memoir form was, to say the least, challenging. As…

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How to create your gravatar

March 6, 2019

What’s a gravatar, you wonder? It comes from the world Avatar, kind of like the avatars your kids choose for themselves while playing video games. I’m way too outside of that world to do a real comparison of the two, despite having 2 teenage boys!  Avatar was actually originally a…

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define your niche

Defining Your Niche

February 14, 2019

“If you don’t have the guts be a meaningful specific, why do you think you can succeed as a wandering generality?” Those words of wisdom came from Seth Godin and a podcast interview with Amy Porterfield of Online Marketing Made Easy. I listened to it a few days ago as…

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safe domain name research

How to safely research domain names

December 14, 2018

So you thought of your perfect domain name. Great! Innocently, you hop online to see if it is available. You’ve heard a lot about GoDaddy as a host so you use their domain search tool to see if it is available. Seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to do, right?…

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Black Friday

November 23, 2018

I’m not big on going to the malls for Black Friday. In fact, this is my first official American thanksgiving in over 16 years, having just moved back to the US as a family. While I don’t need another sweater, I am enticed by all the deals showing up for…

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lgbtq inclusive website tips

How to be a LGBTQ+ ally with your website

November 21, 2018

I invite each and every one of you to take a moment to do a Google search right now. Open a new tab in your browser, and type in “Doula + your city”, or midwife, or childbirth services. If you are straight, and married, you are likely to quickly find…

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Website Design Warmth TIps

Warm, connected and well cared for: Building relationships with your website

November 1, 2018

You know how sometimes someone’s words just open up a whole new framework of understanding? I totally love that feeling of someone articulating an idea that I know in my belly but haven’t yet truly put into words… While driving to school pick up on Tuesday afternoon I was listening…

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My new love: Marvelous Maca Bliss

October 14, 2018

I have never been a coffee drinker. As a child, I hated the smell and would go to the opposite end of the kitchen to avoid the smells wafting from my parents’ mugs. As an adult, I ADORE the smell, and have even come to love the taste – maybe…

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Build your own doula website

Considering building your own website? Here are 6 questions you should answer first.

September 11, 2018

As a website designer (aka website doula…) I get the calls from the doulas who are ready to throw in the towel after months of wasted time trying to figure out whatever website platform they have chosen. I get the calls from the doulas whose websites have been live for…

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Social Media Tutorials Doulas

Rock facebook and instagram with these free trainings & apps

July 25, 2018

So I’m new to living in St Paul, having recently returned to the USA, and this is my first time living in an urban area in over a decade. One of the things that really excites me about living in a urban center at this point in my life is…

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Informed Consent, Your Website, and Privacy Legislation

May 23, 2018

  WARNING: This is not a juicy, warm, lovely blog post. It’s downright overwhelming and will likely make most of you want to stick your heads in the sand. I get it. I feel the same. But it’s important. So please read it… and make an informed decision for yourself.…

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Writing website content

How to get unstuck with writing your doula website content

January 3, 2018

Stuck at 6cm… While I haven’t attended any births in the past few years, I see women get stuck at 6 cm all the time as a Website Doula. It goes like this: Susie the Doula starts out feeling super confident about writing website content and building her site. A…

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