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Oh SEO… It makes most people want to hide under the covers and never even try. Some of us, however, totally geek out on this stuff. Search engine optimization, in my opinion, is an incredible tool. Understanding even a bit of how it works can make a big difference for your business.

So, if you want to learn about keywords, on page optimization, off page optimization, why site speed matters for your SEO, and how on earth to get those page one results you long for, this is the blog category for you!

chiropractor SEO tips

Choosing keywords for your chiropractic website

I recently sat down with Dr. Danielle Angela on the Health and Wellness Practitioners Podcast to explore search engine optimization tips for chiropractor clinic websites on her podcast. We quickly found that we have a lot in common in our approaches to supporting clients, including defining your unique niche in order to implement an effective…

How to reach new clients with content marketing

So there are all kinds of people who are looking for your business, right? Let’s talk about how to reach potential clients who are just in the early informational stages and exploring options. They want to get a bit more information, and have a question – or five… They have a sense that they’d like…

how to lower your bounce rate

How to Lower Your Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is one of the more alarming aspects of google analytics for your doula website and can send those who are paying attention to their analytics into a tailspin of worry… A “bounce” happens every time someone visits just one page on your website, or left your site from the first page without…

google analytics

Your Doula Website Traffic

What plug-in do you recommend for knowing the statistics on your doula website traffic? This is one of the questions y’all asked in my 2017 website questions survey, which I am answering bit by bit over the year to come. While the answer is partially dependent on the type of website you have, all of…

how to google your business

The Truth About Googling Your Business

You’re pretty much not going to like what I have to say here. You might find it disheartening, dismaying, disempowering, disappointing, and likely a few other dis- words I’m not thinking of at the moment. Admit it – you’ve Googled yourself (along with a few exes…) It is interesting to see what comes up, and…

russian spam

Russia and Your Website SEO

I got the following question about Russia and her website analytics from a childbirth educator and doula in Texas who is considering joining the SEO Birth Plan eCourse. I thought I’d go ahead and share my answer with all of you! If you are not in the least bit interested in your analytics, you can…

website speed and seo

Fast Websites Have Better SEO

I’m not sure “Fast Websites Have Better SEO” would make much of a tshirt slogan, but the benefits of site speed are worth paying attention to. Did you know that 40% of people abandon a website page if it doesn’t load in less than 3 seconds? THREE SECONDS y’all. I can’t even say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in…

are you showing up in search results?

Why Your Doula Website Isn’t Showing Up in Search

I got this question from a doula on social media and thought I’d turn my response into a blog post because it touches on some important points to remember when evaluating how your site is performing in search. (Also, a great example of how to make blogging easy!) My business website is not coming up…


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I do my best to include helpful posts for your online strategy and your holistic business. Whether you are a midwife, chiropractor, doula, or non-profit / advocacy organization, you will find tips & tricks to improve your website and use it as a creative tool to get more clients.

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