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How to Lower Your Bounce Rate

bounce rate

The bounce rate is one of the more alarming aspects of google analytics for your doula website and can send those who are paying attention to their analytics into a tailspin of worry… A “bounce” happens every time someone visits just one page on your website, or left your site from the first page without…

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New! Google+ Booking Button

Google+ Book Now Button Doulas

I’ve already written plenty about Google+, from how to create your Google places business page, to a nifty trick to create your own custom link to source client reviews on Google+. I’m delighted to share with you the new Google+ BOOK NOW BUTTON feature in coordination with a number of online booking companies. That’s right…

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Your Doula Website Traffic

doula website traffic analytics

What plug-in do you recommend for knowing the statistics on your doula website traffic? This is one of the questions y’all asked in my 2017 website questions survey, which I am answering bit by bit over the year to come. While the answer is partially dependent on the type of website you have, all of…

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The Truth About Googling Your Business

google your doula business

You’re pretty much not going to like what I have to say here. You might find it disheartening, dismaying, disempowering, disappointing, and likely a few other dis- words I’m not thinking of at the moment. Admit it – you’ve Googled yourself (along with a few exes…) It is interesting to see what comes up, and…

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Russia and Your Website SEO

Russian Spam and Your Doula Website Analytics

I got the following question about Russia and her website analytics from a childbirth educator and doula in Texas who is considering joining the SEO Birth Plan eCourse. I thought I’d go ahead and share my answer with all of you! If you are not in the least bit interested in your analytics, you can…

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Fast Websites Have Better SEO

website speed and SEO

I’m not sure “Fast Websites Have Better SEO” would make much of a tshirt slogan, but the benefits of site speed are worth paying attention to. Did you know that 40% of people abandon a website page if it doesn’t load in less than 3 seconds? THREE SECONDS y’all. I can’t even say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in…

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Why Your Doula Website Isn’t Showing Up in Search

I got this question from a doula on the Heart|Soul|Business page where I am a moderator, and thought I’d turn my response into a blog post because it touches on some important points to remember when evaluating how your site is performing in search. (Also, a great example of how to make blogging easy!) If…

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Online Links for your Birth or Postpartum Website

doula website link strategy

Getting links for your birth or postpartum website is a key component of your SEO strategy. Along with of course local listings on the websites of other local practitioners such as the midwifery clinic or chiropractic office, you can set up national or international level links on a variety of listing sites. Along with the…

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Vaginal Steaming and SEO

search engine optimization doulas vaginal steaming

It would appear that a new trend has emerged in the birth industry! While doing search engine optimization for a client’s website I found a striking result in the Google keyword tool. It’s pretty crazy. Between December 2014 and January 2105 searches on Google for the terms “vaginal steaming” and “vaginal steam” more more than…

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Is your birth practice website mobile responsive?

Big changes are happening in search!  While google often makes updates to the criteria it uses to rank sites, this week they made a big announcement: Search engine results will soon include mobile friendly labels. Basically, when you get search results listings, there will be a mobile friendly tag on the sites that are mobile…

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Birth Work meets Search Engine Optimization

seo for doulas

I’m setting out to draw a parallel between birth work and good search engine optimization in this post – probably the first time this has ever been attempted. This is inspired by my SEO BIRTH PLAN course, exploring website strategy and search engine optimization for birth & holistic professionals. Ok, get ready to be impressed…

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Birth Work meets Search Engine Optimization

birth work seo analogy

I’m setting out to draw a parallel between birth work and good search engine optimization in this post – probably the first time this has ever been attempted. Quick Note: If you’re interested in learning more about SEO, be sure to sign up at the bottom of this post for special pricing on my new…

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