Six Good Reasons to List your Fees on your Doula Website

listing your doula fees

I'm amazed what a hot topic this question is on many online support forums.  Over and over again I see the question posted - "Should I list my fees on my website?"  As a website designer and developer, a lot of my clients share this question. It seems like a pretty straight forward topic, but it seems to generate heated discussion and strong opinions on a regular basis - especially in the doula community.  Interestingly I don't tend to have this conversation with my other holistic practitioner clients such as massage therapists and chiropractors. For them, the answer is a clear and definite Yes.


There are some pretty strong feelings about this on both ends of the spectrum. While below I'll share the reasons you SHOULD choose to share your fees. It is only fair to also share some ideas here on why others may choose NOT to share their fees.  I'm going to focus on doulas here, simply because they tend to be the clients who are asking this question more than my other types of clients.  Some doulas who serve a very high end clientele, perhaps high-profile clients or simply high income, feel that fees simply aren't a factor in the discernment process and their absence allows for a more sleek appearance. Also, some want to be able to create custom packages for their needs and that the price will vary according to each client.

What do I think as the Website Doula? I happen to fall quite strongly on the side that says YES! List your prices.  State them with confidence on your website.  Be transparent and clear.  Here are my top reasons why you should definitely list your prices:

  • 1 Can you name one other helping profession that doesn't typically list their prices? Your massage office, chiropractor, naturopath, acupuncturist, and yoga studio all have prices clearly listed. Still, I see this question of listing fees come up over and over again on doula facebook groups. I find that we often experience more complexity in our relationship to charging for our service and valuing our time than some other helping professions that are more regulated.
  • 2 Would you rather have potential clients make assumptions about your pricing, and possibly leave your site because they assumed "wrong", or know them up front and make an informed decision before contacting you? We live in the information age, when people expect to be able to find the information they need, fast.
  • 3 You have a chance to be confident about your fees in clear, written language. Even if inside you struggle with setting your fees and saying them out loud, having them clearly stated on your website is a great first step.
  • 4 You save time! Why take an hour out of your busy schedule to meet with potential clients who will balk when they find out your price is out of their budget?
  • 5 Many people feel uncomfortable talking about money. By not listing your prices you are putting them in the position of having to ask - and then if your price is higher than what they had assumed or imagined, they need to quickly decide whether or not to move forward in conversation with you. Some potential clients may be so uncomfortable with having to ask that they simply won't call in the first place.
  • 6 If you have a sliding scale in special circumstances, you can still offer this on your website next to your prices. That way clients who need a different payment plan understand your regular fees, and you can evaluate on a case-by-case basis.

I know there are some who feel that by listing prices, we are losing potential clients who never have the chance to understand our full value before hearing the price. I feel strongly that this is the job of your website - if you present a professional, engaging website that positively shines with the value of your care, your site vibe will easily reinforce the value of your fees and make clients excited to learn more.