Ready for a quick & simple website?

Perhaps this is your very first website, or you're still growing and aren't yet ready for my custom website design services. If you want to invest in a quality website for your birth or postpartum practice but have a limited budget, my one page website foundation package is the perfect fit. This simple, mobile responsive website will be ready to grow and adapt with your practice as your business needs change. That means you don't have to start over when you are ready for a larger site - this is a foundation YOU CAN GROW WITH. Even better? We build the site in just 1 week!



This simple website package is perfect if you are just starting out and have just one service. We adapt the template with your colors, fonts, content and images, and your blog allows for plenty of room to grow. When your business grows and you are ready for a larger site, this will serve as your foundation - you won't need to start over again!

30% deposit required to begin our work together, and and even monthly installments for the next 4 months. Your new website will be ready in just 1 week once your content & images are ready.




We begin with my unique website planning process, including resources and questionnaires to help you explore your needs & vision. Our initial one hour PREPARE coaching call will define a clear To Do List with everything you need to prepare, including guidance on content and photos.

You may need anywhere from 1 week to several months for this process - it's totally up to you. When you're ready, you can book a 2nd website coaching call to review your content, get feedback, and tweak as needed.



Once your content, fonts, colors & images are complete, we are ready to roll. We set your build start date, and you submit your complete content via my online portal. Your website build will take a total of 5 days (yes, that fast!)

On the first day, I create a rough first draft of the site and send you a video sharing site features and inviting feedback, and then fine-tune the design based on your thoughts. I will do one more round of edits via a website review phone call tweaking the site so you can offer instant feedback! While you are not doing any of the technical work, I do ask that you be available for feedback as we go.



I want to be sure you have 100% confidence updating & maintaining your website through my training video tutorial, a coaching call, and access to my private client resources page.

Whether you want to change text, photos, add new events or a service, your new WordPress website will be FAR easier to manage than you might imagine with my drag and drop, mobile responsive building system.



Your new website is now ready to share with the world, and grow as your business grows! You can add new services or functions (on your own or with my help), change photos, update information, etc...

3 years from now when you're ready for a fresh look, you don't have to start from scratch. My goal is to build you a website that will grow with your practice for years to come.

Is my starter website package a good fit for you?

As your website doula I will be 100% devoted to the birth of your new website with my time, care, and creativity. It is important to me that each client I work with chooses the right package for their business needs. My starter website template is a great fit if you are just starting out, offer just one service, and have a limited budget, but you still want a site that feels custom & will help you grow. I designed this one page template to expand with your growing business - think of it as your online foundation for years to come.

If you're well established in your practice and ready to take it to the next level, perhaps you are ready for a custom website design? Or perhaps you will decide to build your own website with my hourly support? My ebooks & courses are designed to grow your skills and independence as a business owner, including search engine optimization.


Working with Sarah to build a website for my midwifery practice was an absolutely fabulous experience. Having her guide me through the process was such a gift; I really did feel like I had a thoughtful, attentive doula with me every step of the way. The fact that she’s so familiar with birth & midwifery meant that she could understand intuitively what I was envisioning & how best to represent my small practice. I was able to contact her easily whenever I had questions, and she was able to point me to loads of great resources as I developed my website. I’m so very grateful to Sarah & highly recommend her as your website doula!”

Claire, Midwife


“I know it seems like a big expense to invest in a website build but it is so, so worth it. In a single month, I have had more client inquiries, more success in booking clients, and love that I can send people to my site for local resources, etc. It’s worth every penny. Sarah is an absolute pleasure to work with – patient, warm, and gives gentle, constructive feedback. She is able to explain technical details clearly so to help you make important decisions for your site, and produces amazing work. I have to admit that my vision for my site was not very concrete, I just knew it needed (a lot of) something…I love my new website!”

Lindsay, Doula & Childbirth Educator

Erika Childbirth Educator

“<strong>I appreciated her knowledge around website development and SEO, creative flair, editing skills, and on a deeper level, her insight and intuition into who I am, what I want to offer through my website, and what my vision for my business is.</strong> And learning to uncover who my ideal client is was one of the most profound experiences I have had on the “business” side of birth work. Having a knowledgeable, compassionate support person by my side was essential!”

Erika, Doula & Childbirth Educator