Ready for a quick & simple website?

Perhaps this is your very first website, or you're still growing and aren't yet ready for my custom website design services. If you want to invest in a quality website for your birth or postpartum practice but have a limited budget, my website foundation packages are designed with you in mind. These simple, mobile responsive templates will be ready to grow and adapt with your practice as your business needs change. We make the template 100% yours with unique colors, fonts, images & content. Additional customization is available on an hourly basis or with my customization package. Even better? We build the site in just 2 weeks!

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(starts at $2000)

(starts at $2000)

(starts at $2000)

(starts at $1000)



We prepare for your website build.

Your first steps will be to write your website content, choose images, and explore fonts & colors. My Website Birth Plan questionnaire will help you consider your website vision & needs, and your free copy of my Website Birth Plan ebook will help you write content. To get clear on our design plan, we share a 20 minute orientation call, and a 30 - 60 minute design planning call depending on the package you choose.

I build your website.

Once you’ve gathered your site content, fonts, colors and images (with my guidance) we are ready to roll. I devote two days to clients using the Sophie one-page template, and 1 week to clients who choose the CORE package with a 7-page Vida, Lucy or Angela template, and up to 2 weeks for clients who choose the Growth template package with additional customizations. I ask that you be available for feedback as we go.

I teach you how to care for your website.

I want to be sure you have 100% confidence in using & updating your website. You will receive a custom training video tutorial specific to your website, and access to my private client tutorials page. We’ll share a final 30 min training phone call after launch to answer all your questions.

Your chosen website template foundation:

Lucy, Angie, Vida, or Sophie
customized just for your business with:

  • Fully mobile responsive design.

    Your website design will be customized for any screen size. This is extra important since most clients begin their search on mobile devices.

  • Your choice of colors, fonts & images

    Make the template yours by choosing your own color palette, images, and fonts. I will provide helpful tools to discover your options and provide feedback on your design vision and choices.  Your template includes up to 3 free Google fonts, or you can choose to add a custom font for an extra fee. Also includes a custom favicon image.

  • Up to 7 formatted pages of your choice

    The Lucy, Vida & Angie templates include: Home, About, Blog, Contact, Resources, and 2 additional pages for your services. Also includes up to 3 formatted blog posts and an optional sidebar. The Sophie template is a much simpler one page site + blog. Both sites can of course grow to many more pages over time - there is no limit to their growth!

  • Social media integration

    You may include up to 5 social media icons that match your brand colors, along with an optional facebook like book, instagram feed, or social share plugin.

  • Sign up form or a special giveaway

    Build your mailing list with a signup form for your newsletter or a free giveaway, linked to your free Mailchimp account.

  • Search engine optimization

    Your finished website includes the core SEO settings, setup with analytics tools, and sitemap submission.

  • One custom contact form

    Built with premium plugin Gravity forms, the form may include up to 8 questions of your choice, and will send you a notification email and a thank you message to potential clients.  Site includes a one year free license to Gravity Forms, value $39, and billed at $25/year thereafter.

Is my starter website package a good fit for you?

As your website doula I will be 100% devoted to the birth of your new website with my time, care, and creativity. It is important to me that each client I work with chooses the right package for her business needs. My starter website templates are a great fit if your budget is limited, but you still want a site that is unique and custom designed for your needs. I designed these templates with plenty of room to grow, so we can further customize your website as your needs change.

If you're well established in your practice and ready to take it to the next level, perhaps you are ready for a custom website design? Or perhaps you will decide to build your own website with my hourly support? My ebooks & courses are designed to grow your skills and independence as a business owner, including search engine optimization.

“I know it seems like a big expense to invest in a website build but it is so, so worth it. In a single month, I have had more client inquiries, more success in booking clients, and love that I can send people to my site for local resources, etc. It’s worth every penny. I was pretty sure that Sarah was the designer for me before we ever even talked. Then, in our first consultation, that feeling was just solidified. Sarah is just an absolute pleasure to work with – patient, a very warm tone of voice, gives feedback constructively and gently. She is friendly, professional, able to explain technical details clearly so that you can make important decisions about your site, and produces amazing work. I have to admit that my vision for my site was not very concrete, I just knew it needed (a lot of) something. She helped me figure out what that was and I love my website!””

Doula & Childbirth Educator
Erika Childbirth Educator

“I appreciated her knowledge around website development and SEO, creative flair, editing skills, and on a deeper level, her insight and intuition into who I am, what I want to offer through my website, and what my vision for my business is. And learning to uncover who my ideal client is was one of the most profound experiences I have had on the “business” side of birth work. Having a knowledgeable, compassionate support person by my side was essential!

Doula & Childbirth Educator

“When I heard there was such a thing as a Website Doula, I thought it was too good to be true. To have someone with the warmth and personal experience of a birth doula who is also exceptionally knowledgeable and talented in website design just didn’t seem like something I would be able to find out there. Sarah exceeded every expectation I had and not only made the process of creating my website simple, but actually enjoyable! I was so nervous about the process of building and maintaining a website before we began, but as soon as I started to work with Sarah, I actually had fun and I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned from her. I feel blessed and privileged to have built my site with her. After lots of anticipation, and a long early labor, I finally get to enjoy my website baby!”

Birth Doula