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You love your website, right?  And I'm pretty sure you basically never want to see what we in the web world not-so-fondly refer to as the "white screen of death."  Nor do you want to see your website hacked and turned into a portal to viagra sales - or worse... (yes, I've seen worse!)  Backups, plugins updates, security, wordpress updates.... all of these are important elements to website maintenance, and easily overwhelming for those unaccustomed to the world of website maintenance.

Simplify your life - You don't have to do Everything!

Website maintenance includes:

  • 1 Regular updates of WordPress, your theme, and plugins to ensure that everything is current.
  • 2 Installation of iThemes Security plugin to help keep your site safe & secure, including site login blocks during peak hacking hours (middle of the night), brute force protection, secure login details, and more.
  • 3 Weekly complete website and database backups, stored in my private cloud storage.
  • 4 WEBSITE DOULA MAINTENANCE PROGRAM ONLY: One hour of website content updates per month - formatting blog posts, changing photos, adding resources, updating class dates, etc...
your doula job

How much is your peace of mind worth?


The cost is $40 / month USD per website.


For just $100 / month you will get everything in my Healthy Website Maintenance Program, PLUS up to 1 hour per month of content updates, including content and photo updates, and blog post formatting. (NOTE: The support hour does not roll over, but you do get a fresh one every month).

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