Is your website due for a check-up?

An annual review to keep your website in optimal shape.

Is your website due for a check-up?

When was the last time you took a close look behind the scenes at your website?

Have you reviewed your website lately? Updated it? Can’t remember? THAT MIGHT BE YOUR FIRST CLUE THAT NOW IS THE TIME!

As a holistic practitioner or care agency, you know that your website represents your practice online. Your site health can have a big impact on both how clients experience your business when they find you online, and how Google perceives your value in search rankings.

I know you want your clients to have the very best online experience they can when they first discover you.  Your site health matters to Google too, as it uses health criteria to help decide where to show you in search rankings.

Your website can be your most powerful business-building tool. BUT... IS IT?

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Your website is meant to be a digital support system for your business.

It’s meant to evolve and adapt as your goals change and grow.

It’s not meant to be a ‘set it and forget it’ strategy.

Things change quickly in the online world, and a website that was in perfect shape a year ago, may already have issues that could be impacting your SEO, site speed, client experience & more.

Hi, I'm Sarah - also known as The Website Doula. I'll be diving into the back end of your website to identify areas of opportunity, suggest improvements, run some analytics and other diagnostics, and make much-needed tweaks to get your website working harder for you.


We'll do a deep dive on the backend of your website, identifying & fixing issues that are impacting your site function for clients - and your Google Core Web Vitals.

SALE PRICE: $499 $399

*Only available for clients with self-hosted WordPress websites



We'll do a full scan for any broken links on your site and create permanent redirects as needed. We'll also identify & adjust any pages that should be hidden from search results.


We'll make sure all the backend elements of your website are up to date, from your theme & plugins to your PHP and SSL Certificate along with your website security setup.

google core web vitals


Google's new Core Web Vitals update is key to your SEO ranking. We'll add a premium caching tool and optimize your images to ensure fast loading times.

google core web vitals


You will receive a screencast analysis of your website with up to 6 pages reviewed for SEO and conversion.

If you’re not sure whether or not you need a website check-up, ask yourself:

  • ✔ Are your website tools all up-to-date and working as they should?
  • ✔ How quickly & smoothly does your website load?
  • ✔ Does your website meet Google’s new user-friendly standards?
  • ✔ Are users confused by broken links or out-of-date information?
  • ✔ Does your website find you enough new clients?

Think of this as ‘preventative medicine’ for your website to remain healthy in the long-term.

If you’re not ticking all the boxes above, it’s time for your check-up!

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