Since my business name is literally The Website Doula, as you might guess I do a lot of website design work with a lot of birth and professionals!  I was a childbirth educator for over 20 years (and Certified with Birthing from Within!), so I have a deep understanding of this role, the client base, & your online needs.

One of the unique challenges of childbirth education is the importance of attracting a solid base of new clients every single month.  For a childbirth class to be profitable you need to have your classes at or near capacity on a regular basis. This means your website must be effective at both showing up in local search results for a range of related terms such as childbirth classes, prenatal classes, childbirth education, childbirth educator, birthing classes, and birth education philosophies such as Lamaze and Hypnobirthing, and more. In addition, you also need to attract those interested in related terms such as water birth, home birth, and cesarean birth to attract and inform expectant families who perhaps had not planned on taking a childbirth class before finding your website.

Does your childbirth education website clearly communicate the value and impact of childbirth classes, the topics you cover, and your birth philosophy?  Are there glowing testimonials that help expectant families feel excited about the benefits of your childbirth classes? Is your class registration process easy to access and navigate?  In our website planning process we will ensure that your new site meets all of these criteria and more!

You can click on each of the images below to see examples of childbirth education websites live.

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- Sarah Juliusson, the WEBSITE DOULA