Does your birth center need a new website to help local families know their options with midwifery care?

When families are making the decision of where to give birth, especially with a first baby, it is important to make an excellent first impression. Your birth center website needs to feel professional, engaging, and warm. Their experience navigating your birth center website and learning more about your midwifery care will help to define their impression of how it will feel to give birth there.

You likely have a team of skilled midwives and perhaps other holistic and wellness practitioners you wish to feature, along with admin team members that clients will interface with.  Perhaps you also have state of the art birth tubs for water birth, the best childbirth classes in town, or a resident prenatal massage therapist who leaves your clients glowing. Along with midwifery care, you want to be sure your website supports the range of education and support services your birth and family wellness center offers.

I must admit ... creating photo galleries featuring your gorgeous birthing suites totally makes me want to have just one more baby (and my babies are 17 & 19 years old, so this is highly unlikely...) You can click on each of the images below to see examples of birth center website designs live. You may also enjoy looking at my website designs for home birth midwives.

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- Sarah Juliusson, the WEBSITE DOULA