Getting Feedback on Your Doula Website

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Why isn’t my site working for me?

This is one of the questions I got asked in my 2017 questions survey, and while she was directing the question to her specific site my answer is to all of you! You’ll find my actual answer regarding common doula website design mistakes here, but I want to start with how you can get feedback on your existing site to help you identify areas in need of some loving care.

As you might imagine, I get this question A LOT. It’s not always an easy one to answer… On some websites the issues are glaringly obvious, and with others it’s a more nuanced issue, involving gaps such as content flow or missing calls to action.

Back when I supported families as a doula and childbirth educator, my wish for every client was that they feel confident, supported, and connected in their birth, regardless of their birth circumstances.

As a website doula, however, I have a very specific goal for your outcome:

I want your website to WORK FOR YOU!

Yes, of course I want you to love your website, but even more than this I want potential clients to land on your site and feel an immediate sense of confidence, support and connection. I want them to take the next step and hire you! Ultimately, I want your practice to thrive.

To reach this goal, we have to make smart design choices.

Of course part of my goal as a website designer is to create a website that you LOVE. This has to be balanced, however, with current design research and trends. It has been an interesting aspect of my own growth as a designer to learn when to speak up and strongly advise against a design choice that a client is super excited about.

My big(!) job is not to build the site you think you want, but rather the site that emerges when you are able to make informed choices and know all your options.

How to get design feedback on your doula website.

Tap into your network. Whether you are working with a designer, or building your own website, always - always ask for feedback on your website. Why not create a questionnaire for a few friends, family members, and even former clients to offer feedback? You want people who can be 100% honest and who have a good eye. You can do this whether your site is brand new, or has been around for years.

Step into new shoes! Let yourself visit the site with fresh eyes by imagining that you are a prospective client trying to learn more.

Do the One Minute Test. Set a timer for 60 seconds. This is the time within which most people decide to leave a website, or stick around to learn more. In that minute can you quickly learn a) what you do, b) what towns you serve, c) what value you offer clients, and d) how can they learn more?

Schedule a free consult. If you would like to explore options for working with me, book your free 20 minute consultation to brainstorm ideas on how your website might benefit from website doula care.

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