Featured guest interview with doula Jodi green

I am happy to share with you all today’s feature interview with Jodi Green, a seasoned doula with over 14 years of experience supporting families and a true leader in the birth community. Based in New Jersey, she supports east coast families with of a range services that include childbirth preparation, birth and postpartum doula care, belly casting, birth art, and a wide range of community workshops including Red Tent events, Radical Self-Care, and Fermenting Foods at Home. Visit her Jodi The Doula website and get ready to be deeply impressed by the spectrum of care she offers women and families.

I was first drawn to Jodi through her fantastic blog posts, covering topics relevant to clients, the doula community, and our journey as women and mothers. From her insightful post on the doula-client relationship What your Doula Wants you to Know,  to exploring doula fees in her post No Free Births, she shares a voice that is both insightful and inspiring.

I thought it would be interesting to explore with Jodi the ways in which she weaves the threads of her core values through her birth, from her blog to her community involvement. Enjoy!

How would you define the three core values of your doula practice?

My life is committed to building community, whether that’s in our neighborhoods, our birthing, our mothering, our birthworker sisterhood… this is my passion.

You use your blog to beautifully explore both the heart and soul of doula work, and our journey as women. How did this unique blend emerge?

It’s interesting that you mention the scope of my writing. My goal is to share blog posts that are relevant to the lives of women during the mothering years. While some posts are directed at my birthworker sisterhood, many entries offer information and resources of interest to childbearing women.

I believe strongly that the threads of self care and inner work are woven deeply within the role of birth work and of mothering. The role of doula is often that of being the woman just a few steps ahead on the path who can stand in the place of saying “You can come over here, it’s safe.” How can we ask women to face their fears and go through powerful growth and change if we haven’t done that work for ourselves? Our own growth opportunities support us in our ability to stand in service to others.

You also lead a wonderful variety of workshops for women and mothers. While for some this might be overwhelming, it appears to be central part of your identity as a doula. I’d love to hear more about your experience of the diversity within your practice.

I believe that all women are mothers, whether we bring forth babies, or birth communities, or send our creative mothering energy out in the form of the work we do in the world. For several years, I’ve led a women’s empowerment program called Radical Self Care. In this work, we explore the places where our fears limit our ability to stand in our own power. To me, doula work is another extension of that.

I’ve also been very active for the last five years with the women’s Red Tent Temple movement. This grass-roots movement is aimed at the goal of bringing circles of women together in community to support one another through the sharing of our stories and the nurturing of one another. This work was featured in a documentary last year.

What words of wisdom would you share with a doula seeking to step into a strong sense of her own unique practice?

Be gentle with yourself. Know that things may not always go as you envision or hope for, and that’s normal. A big part of birth support is the continuous rebirthing of ourselves. There will be bumps along the way. You have the choice to allow them to take you down through negative self-talk, or to use them as opportunities to learn and grow. The best thing you can do is to continue to show up, knowing that you have your own unique gifts to offer. Offer them wholeheartedly, with grace and with love for yourself and others, and the rest will fall into place.

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