The magical secret to success on your doula facebook page

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Like so many aspects of managing and growing your own birth practice, social media has a learning curve.  Even for those who are well-practiced at using facebook with friends and family, a business page for your doula or childbirth education business presents a different challenge. From the question of how to get followers, to the vulnerability of a post that gets no comments, facebook isn’t automatically an easy way to grow your birth business.

I would love to give you the magical secret to seeing your birth practice flourish on facebook.  I really would.  I’d love to be able to give you 5 or even 10 easy steps to follow that would make all the difference, winning you a legion of followers and a bounty of engagement with comments and shares in abundance.   There’s a catch, though – what works for one doula or childbirth educator, will not necessarily work for another.

No magical secret?  Don’t panic!  There are some excellent practical tips and tricks you can use that do help.  But the thing about developing a personal online marketing strategy is that it Has To Be Yours.  For the true potential of facebook to work on your behalf, you have to approach it in a way that fits your unique voice, values, and work style.  No single approach will work for all of you.

Where to begin?  We enjoyed a fantastic free conference call this week with social media expert and birth advocate Jeanette McCulloch of BirthSwell. Click here to have a listen! We explored the facebook dilemma and share a few of those practical steps you can take to begin developing your unique facebook strategy and be sure that the time you spend online is worth it.  If you haven’t discovered Jeanette yet, prepare for a treat – she is smart, incredibly social media savvy, and really really good at making it all seem do-able. Be sure to check out BirthSwell.


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