Teux Deux Review 2024: Your To-Do List Productivity Hack for Wellness Pros

Teux Deux To Do List Review

Introducing my 2024 Review of Teux Deux, my favorite to do list tool that just keeps getting better every year I use it. Their team is incredibly responsive, continually looking to fine-tune & add features while still keeping is sweet and simple so there is no learning curve or overwhelm while using it.

One of the best things about work in the health & wellness field is the opportunity we have to nurture and support our clients. It would be lovely if this were the only thing on our to-do list – devoting all of our hours to supporting the clients who have invited us to care for them.

A successful wellness business, however, requires a balance of administrative time and marketing efforts – hours invested in client tracking, outreach, networking, intakes and interviews, billing, resource development, and practical tasks, in addition to longer-range planning and business growth. These are easy enough to track when you only have the occasional client, but once a practice begins to grow these tasks can begin to feel overwhelming and scattered.

When you run a holistic wellness business you have a lot of balls in the air at all times. From billing to blogging, the admin aspects of running a wellness biz can be overwhelming. There are lots of fancy solutions out there for project management, but I belive we are more productive as wellness business owners when we keep things SIMPLE:

Teux Deux, the To-Do List tool that is rocking my world.

Yes, it is actually called Teux Deux (yes, i know, clever…) and it’s just simple enough that it somehow makes me feel truly organized. Plus, it’s just $24 / year!

My To-Do List History

I have tried more solutions for my personal & business To-Do List over the years than I care to count. Bullet journals, the Eisenhower Matrix, a bookmarked Google doc, Trello Board, Asana, Monday.com, a clipboard I covered with a favorite colorful fabric with a forever-growing handwritten to-do list… The list of To-Do List tool attempts goes on and on…

I am, in fact a great fan of having an active To-Do List. I’m an even bigger fan of checking things OFF my To-Do List! On a Saturday morning one of the first things my husband and I do to start our weekend is make a To-Do List. Yep… Don’t worry – those weekend lists always include plenty of fun items, not just chores. I just love seeing everything written down – and being able to look back and see so many things crossed off!

The day I found Teux Deux I knew I had finally found the solution that would truly work for me. All those other methods were either too complex (i.e. too many bells & whistles), or too hard to keep up to date.

Favorite Features of Teux Deux:


You’ve maybe read my posts about the importance of simplicity in design, from logos to allowing for plenty of white space on your website. Teux Deux is marvelously simple and clean. No time tracking. No assigning tasks. No integration with other tools. No visual clutter. No confusing options to choose from.

Every day has a To-Do List. I can see all the days of the week on my screen at once. I enter urgent tasks on today’s list, and a task that needs to be done next Tuesday on next Tuesday’s list. When I complete a task, I cross it off. If I don’t finish it, it goes to the next day automatically.

Here’s a sample week with a few basic tasks as an example. Above are the days of the week – I can always see 3, 5 or 7 days at a time (depending on my preference), and navigate through the days with simple back and forth arrows.

teux deux to do list


I can highlight tasks, and move them around within the day to set intentions for myself and create priorities. I can also move tasks over to another day in the week if I decide that today really isn’t the day I want to deal with XYZ. That means I don’t have to look at it on today’s list and feel overwhelmed.


The “repeat” function allows me to easily have particular tasks repeat on a set schedule. I use this for everything from daily medications and workouts, to monthly newsletter & bookkeeping task reminders.

  • Workout every day
  • Filter emails every weekday
  • Plan instagram feed every Thursday
  • Check Google Analytics every other week
  • Send bookkeeper statements every month
  • Renew domain every year


In 2024 Teux Deux added an awesome new feature with hidden notes for tasks. So, for example, if I have a client project coming up and there are some additional details I want to keep track of, I simply pop them in there. I can even upload files in the notes or create a checklist for myself related to that task. This means everything I need to accomplish the tasks on my to do list is one place. It even helps keep my inbox clear, as I take client requests & notes from their emails and pop them in the task notes.


When I know I need to check in with a client in 2 weeks time, I simply add that as a Teux Deux list item on that day, instead of seeing that reminder every day for the next 2 weeks & then forgetting to do so…  Such a simple thing, but wow does it help my brain stay organized without the clutter of future tasks on today’s list.

It essentially functions as a blend of your calendar and To-Do List, and while I don’t have actual appointments listed on there (that’s my Google Workspace Calendar’s job together with the Book Like a Boss booking system), I do schedule tasks there on a regular basis.


This section of Teux Deux is arguably my favorite thing about it. Before I had spreadsheets, google docs, notebooks & more with everything from business ideas to upcoming movies I want to watch. I had to hunt down the lists, and remember to add things to them. Now, it’s all in one place! Bonus? I don’t have to actually look at them unless I want to, and when I want to move something from a “someday idea” to a “do on Thursday”, it’s a simple drag & drop.

The Someday lists are below your weekly tasks. You can see some of them just peeking through in the example screenshot I posted above. They are unlimited. Yep, I can create as many as I want. And the dots above them serve as a navigation menu so i can easily find the list i’m looking for.

My Someday lists include: movies & books, bike trails I want to explore, groceries, blog post ideas, recipe links, sewing patterns, social media post ideas, SEO tasks, newsletter ideas, garden, travel blogs, and course ideas. Yes, that’s a pretty diverse group of lists ALL IN ONE PLACE. Bonus? This year they introduced Someday list categories!


Bonus Feature: They have a silly feature with a flying cat on my screen every time I finish a task. It’s strangely satisfying. I even appreciate that the cat is the ONLY icon available.

Simple, clean design with a nice dose of play. My kind of website!

flying cat teux deux review

Is a new website on your “Teux Deux” list?! Reach out today to explore your options.


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