Your Website Strategy Intake

Defining your website strategy & identity are important steps to a successful website. You want your website to feel unique, represent your practice, and of course help you meet your business goals! Your answers to the questions I ask in this first step will help you make every other decision for your website!

Below is your website strategy questionnaire to help you explore your brand identity and the way your want your website to FEEL & FUNCTION for potential clients. By taking the time to thoughtfully answer these questions you are generating valuable information to shape your design planning process. You will receive an email with a copy of your answers.

If you don't have a clue about how to answer some of these questions, that's just fine! Some of my clients are well-established businesses, and others are just starting out! Let it be a guide and an opportunity for exploration.

As you complete this form, if there are any questions you don't know the answer to, are unsure about, or would like to have a conversation about to help clarify things, don't worry about it! Simply make a note of it in the answer section or just leave it blank.