facebook or instagram for doulas

A doula recently asked me >>

"Do I HAVE to do both Instagram AND Facebook?"

First, you actually don't HAVE to do either social media platform. There are other pathways to marketing your business such as search engine optimization and personal referrals. If you're truly going to be miserable on a particular social media platform I highly encourage you to IGNORE IT ALTOGETHER! (This is why I am NOT on twitter).


You can love social media or hate it, or simply wish you could ignore it altogether, but social media is an integral part of business today. Yes, there are Definitely frustrating things about each platform, and not every social media tool will be the right fit for you. Still, Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular choices for birth and postpartum professionals.

While I am in no way saying that you Should use both Instagram and Facebook, I do want to offer a few solid reasons to considering using both:

1) Each social media platform that you create and use a profile on will help your website show up in search. Google looks for social media profiles as one way to measure your professional engagement. For this reason, be sure to include a link back to your website on your profile!

2) Each one provides you with a platform on which to both share your content. As well, you can follow conversation trends, glean ideas for future blog posts, giveaways, and even workshops or services.

3) Instagram and Facebook can be easily integrated, with your Instagram posts appearing automatically in your facebook feed.

4) Facebook is a great place to share the latest research, trends in birth, great birth stories or interesting articles. Instagram, in contrast, helps you build your brand identity with more of a blend of personal images intertwined with tips and reflections.

5) Facebook offers a way to share "curated" content with your clients - meaning the "best of" resources that you have discovered while cruising social media and the internet. Instagram, in contrast, features original content created by you!

6) Instagram posts have been shown to generate more user interaction - likes and comments, likely in part due to the strong visual nature of posts.

>> Here is another excellent article comparing Instagram and facebook.

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