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Search Engine Optimization for Doulas


Don't miss out on clients simply because your website doesn't show up well in search. The SEO Birth Plan will take you step by step through everything you need to know to get your birth or holistic practice found online. You'll find a perfect blend of self-paced video lessons and handouts with a private facebook group for extra support.

What's Included:

Ten self-paced lessons to rock the SEO on your doula website, including video tutorials, handouts & homework assignments.

  • Understand how search engines work, and what Google is looking for.
  • Develop a strong SEO strategy for your website.
  • Learn creative ways to identify keywords using Google
  • Transform your website content to boost your SEO
  • Improve your website structure to increase your search rankings.
  • Extra tips to help give your website an extra boost in search rankings.
  • Simple steps to help Google recognize you as a local expert.
  • Use SEO as an ongoing tool to grow your online presence.

The SEO Birth Plan was designed especially for those serving families in birth and postpartum, but will work well for any local holistic practitioner. Participants have included doulas, childbirth educators, midwives, yoga teachers, lactation consultants, photographers, holistic nutritionists, massage therapists, and counselors.

Learn SEO techniques for your website in 10 simple lessons!

I’ve worked really hard to make sure the content in this course is accessible, easy to implement, and extremely useful every step of the way. If you don’t feel it has helped you learn the SEO skills you need to improve your website’s search rankings just let me know within 15 days of purchase and I will refund every penny.

SEO Birth Plan Doula Review

"A great resource for doulas with concrete, easy to follow steps to increase your website traffic and, ultimately, clients purchasing your services. I loved that the videos were so brief but still contained large amounts of helpful information. I was never overwhelmed. She will guide you from ignorant to confident in 10 short lessons."


Birth Doula

SEO for Doulas Testimonial

"It really helped demystify SEO for me! She did a beautiful job taking a subject that seemed so overwhelming and making it something that I understand and even feel excited about using! The easy to understand language, fantastic pace, and clear and beautiful PDF handouts made the whole process very straightforward."


Childbirth Educator, Doula, Lactation Support, & Photography


"Sarah is incredibly clear when describing what has been an overwhelming topic for me. I LOVE how she breaks down SEO into easily digestible pieces, sharing one simple and specific technique after another. Now I know what to do to reach my target market online. I feel confident in managing my own SEO strategy plan after taking this course."


Birth + postpartum doula agency, placenta encapsulation

"You explain things in such an accessible way. Your SEO course really was a game changer for me with my first website. Now, I am currently rebranding and shifting some of my work focus, so I'm watching the course again this weekend. I am loving it even more this time, my notebook is full and the page examples you give are so helpful."


Postpartum Doula

Frequently asked questions

How much time do I need / have to complete this course?

If you can devote one hour of your time per lesson to both watch the video(s) and plan your website changes, you will have plenty of time for the ideas and information to take root. You could complete the course in a week, or spread it out over a few months. Good news - there is no such thing as falling behind. You will have full access to the course materials and facebook group for the lifetime of this course.

What if I have a question about the course content?

While this is an online course, it is important to me to be an active part of your learning process. I visit the facebook group twice a week to answer questions and contribute to the discussion. For extra support, you can choose an hourly website doula care package at a 10% client discount.

I don't like facebook. Do I have to join the support group?

It's totally fine if you would rather not participate in the facebook group support. Seeing the questions and answers from other group members, however, is a great part of the learning process and will definitely add to your experience.

Do I have to be confident with technology to take this course?

This course is designed for all of you, from the tech gurus, to the tech phobic. Setting up your website with good SEO is far simpler than you might imagine - all you really need is curiosity and a willingness to get creative with your website. I will guide you through every step of the way and answer your questions on the private facebook group! I promise.

Do you guarantee first page rankings as a result of the course?

I wish there were a 100% secure way to ensure that your website will be able to achieve top search results right away. Unfortunately, there is no way to accomplish this result for every website, even if you use every single tip I share. Your results will depend on a multitude of factors, many of which are in your control, such as good SEO practices on the important pages of your site, your creativity in choosing search terms and writing good content, and how inter-linked your website is with other sites on the web.

Ultimately, good SEO results take time. The changes you make will definitely have a great impact on your rankings within a few weeks, and then you should see a gradual improvement from there as you site gains in domain authority and you continue to build your online presence through tactics such as guest blog posts and link building. The more closely you follow the tips shared in this course, the better results you will see.

Sarah Juliusson The Website Doula

Taught by Sarah Juliusson, the Website Doula

I have supported birth and holistic professionals around the world as a Business & Website Doula since 2011, plus another 20 years of supporting families as a doula and childbirth educator. I bring a unique perspective to SEO work, moving beyond the technical to include a holistic perspective on how you can use SEO to better connect with your ideal clients and extend your reach in your community. Curious to read more of my story? Here you go!

Jessica English Heart + Soul + Birth Pros

"When it comes to web design and SEO, there’s no one better to learn from than Sarah. My coaching clients who have taken this course come out the other side feeling empowered and ready to build (or improve) sites that rank highly on search engines, wow potential clients and drive inquiries. Sarah has a unique gift for understanding both the birth world and the online realm. The SEO Birth Plan breaks down the sometimes complicated art of finding clients online and gives step by step direction in a way that makes sense to both new and seasoned birth business owners. It is worth the investment 100x over."

Jessica English

Owner and Business Coach, Heart + Soul + Birth Pros, Doula Agency Owner, Birth Kalamazoo


"If you’ve been wanting to understand SEO and how to take your website to the next level, this is the course for you! The SEO Birth Plan course offers great value for the beginner and experienced entrepreneur. I like the easy-to-follow videos that clearly explain the concepts of SEO, which, quite frankly, seemed mysterious to me before taking this course. And I love how you learn to organically incorporate these practices into your website to make your rankings more sustainable. It’s all about providing great content to your potential clients AND getting it in front of them, and this course definitely shows you how to do this!"


Birth doula & childbirth educator


"I am not a tech savvy person. I was blown away by the knowledge that Sarah had to offer. I felt the information was easy to understand and implement into your business and website – it kept me engaged and eager to learn. I am so excited to see the results that come from all Sarah shared! I can’t recommend this program enough, I feel like everyone looking to have a successful business & wants their website to work for them needs the SEO Birth Plan!"



Nutritionist, Chef, Life Coach, Yoga Teacher & Doula


"I have finally reached the first page of search results! After two years of being stuck on page two of search results I have finally reached the first page for local birth doulas, and already am seeing an increase in site traffic. I’m still towards the bottom (#8), but now I have confidence that it will rise even higher. Thank you!"


Birth Doula

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