Ask the Doula – What Do You Want to Know in 2017?

Happy almost new year! I thought I'd welcome 2017 by inviting you to ask me questions related to business or website strategy - this is your chance to truly treat me as your “doula”. Consider this an open door to my office! I'll be answering your questions in future blog posts.

What do you want to know?

Technical Questions

  • What plug-in do you recommend for knowing the statistics on how many people visit your site? >> See my answer on how to get your doula website analytics...
  • Should I do all of the recommended updates that WordPress recommends?
  • How do I add social icons to a gmail signature to link to my business pages? >>Here's a helpful blog post on this topic.

Website Design Questions

  • I'm a new doula, and haven't had many paying clients yet. I need a website to attract more clients, but I don't feel that I'm making enough money yet to pay for a professionally designed template website. Do you have any advice or recommendations for a DIY website using wordpress?
  • I'm a new doula and I'm still not making enough money to pay for a professional template website. I could use 2-3 hours of DIY support to improve my website right now. What specific recommendations do you have, and what aspects of a DIY wordpress website typically benefit most from a few hours of professional support?
  • What mistakes do first time DIY website creators commonly make, and what are the top things that I can do to make my first DIY website even better? Another similar question: What is most confusing about my website? What would you change to make it easier to understand what I offer and why you'd want to hire me. >> See my answer on common doula website design mistakes...
  • What are the newest trends for websites? Check out my post on Millenial Web Design Trends.
  • I just recently heard that if you offer different types of (unrelated) services that it is best to have different (and different-looking) websites for each. Do you agree, and if so, why?
  • I'm going to build a new website and wonder what approach to take from the old site into the next new site? How do I know what is Worth bringing along? >> My post on getting website feedback offers some solid guidance for this question.
  • I have made upgrades to my site and yet there still seems to be a lack of traffic or interest. I really don't know what more I can do at this point. Any ideas? The thing is how can one tell if it's the content, the colors, the feeling, the site SEO or what the heck it might be that is not doing the trick? >> See my answer on common doula website design mistakes...

Social Media Questions

SEO Questions

  • What's the latest in how to improve SEO? >> You can find current guidance on how to rock your website's SEO yourself in my SEO Birth Plan eCourse! I also regularly post SEO tips & tricks for doulas on the blog.

Marketing Questions

  • How long does it take to build an online clientele based all around the world?
  • I've been a busy doula for 12 years. Most of my clients have come via referral from other practitioners or former clients. I DO NOT HAVE A WEBSITE!!!! But this year we started homeschooling our 13 yo son, and my ability to run classes and get out there has dwindled. How much more work do you believe a website will attract, or is it more networking that brings in the work?
  • What is the best way to handle client inquiries? How soon to respond? Is it best to `call, write, ask to meet? I feel like I have bombed on this some in the past and maybe chased someone off: Too eager? Not eager enough?
  • What advice could you give someone just starting their Postpartum Doula website in terms of gearing the website towards their target market?