It takes a village to build a successful website...

My favorite experts are here to help!

I'm a huge fan of the Brené Brown quote:

"We don't have to do it all alone. We were never meant to..."

I am a devoted DIY-er. I see something at a craft fair? I want to make it myself. I taste a great meal at a restaurant? I'll cook it myself next time. I see a fabulous dress at a shop? I can find a pattern for that!

In this realm of web design and online marketing, however, it makes complete sense to have the expert guides you need, so that your investment can truly grow your practice.

With that in mind, I've featured some of my favorite people to help with your website copy, branding & logo, social media, systems set-up and more.  New SEO resource coming soon!


MEET CARRIE KENNER: Copywriting & StoryBrand Guide

Need help with your website copy? Feeling stuck or unclear on what to say & how to say it? Carrie helps you cut through the muck, find your voice, and tell the true story of what you do. From your StoryBrand script to web page copy, lead generators to email automation series, I adore her work & you will too.

Carrie has been helping small businesses since 2006. She uses her experience as a business coach, guide, and writer to help socially conscious businesses hone their message, and make an impact in their communities. Plus, she was an active doula, childbirth educator, and doula trainer for 20 years. She is now a StoryBrand Certified Guide.

My clients who invest in working with Carrie LOVE the process - and the results. You will emerge with great copy AND a fresh perspective on how to effectively market your services.

*My design clients have access to special copywriting & storybrand packages with Carrie! More details after our free discovery call.

MIND YOUR BUSINESS: Social Media Templates, Logos, & Systems Support

Created by Kristin Smith & Cortney Gibson, expert doulas & agency owners, Mind your Business offers wonderful easy-to-use social media content, templates, and tools delivered to you each month, to grow your doula business. They also offer wonderful logo design & branding packages, Dubsado & 17 Hats set-up and more!

*My design clients have access to special logo & coaching packages through Mind Your Business! More details after our free discovery call.

Clapping Dog media

MEET MEG of CLAPPING DOG MEDIA: Skilled Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital part of a successful website. While my packages all include your core SEO settings, Meg & her team at Clapping Dog Media will take your SEO to the next level with their 3 month Level Up Package. This is an especially good fit for those of you who have an established business and are looking to show up more consistently in search for all the terms your ideal clients might use to find you.

Meg's goal is to help your business reach its full potential using SEO. They will turn your web visitors into raving fans that stick around by using data, proven techniques and years of experience.

P.S. Her dog is Vader, the Clapping Dog mascot. Isn't he lovely?

I have a support team too! It has taken me years to truly embrace having the help I need in my own business - and I'm so glad I finally said YES. I'd like you to meet the fabulous people who help me provide the very best care for you.

Untitled design (16)

MEET JAYLANA: My invoicing doula!

Jaylana is my bookkeeper, also known as my invoicing & QuickBooks doula... I'm a big believer in getting support with the parts that we aren't good at - and bookkeeping is Definitely not one of my strengths. I'm thrilled to have her as part of the team keeping everything on track.

Jaylana's background includes business banker, small business lending officer, and community bank underwriter. Through Accounted For, LLC Jaylana partners with small to medium sized businesses that are heavily serviced-based. Her knowledge in numbers and the corporate finance infrastructure helps entrepreneurs plan, launch, and scale their small businesses through accurate and responsible record management.

Lynda Carlini (1)

MEET LYNDA: My administrative doula!

Meet Lynda, my virtual assistant. Lynda keeps me sane. Owner of AquaBlue Virtual Services, she is a Certified Online Business Manager who geeks out on systems and processes the way that I geek out on design & online strategy. Thank goodness!  Most of what Lynda does is behind-the-scenes, but you might get an occasional email from her when she is helping out with your project admin.

Lynda lives in Sunny Florida with her husband and 3 kids. Lynda and her family will usually be found on the lake, a beach or in the pasture with their horses and cattle!

Social Media

COMING SOON: My social media doulas!

After years of resisting social media, I'm making a bold attempt to say Yes by working with my new social media doulas.  Yes, it will still be me answering your questions & comments on facebook & instagram, because that's the part of social media that I truly enjoy. They will be helping me repurpose all the awesome content I have created over the years to be sure you get the helpful tips & support you need to make the most of your website!