Online Links for your Doula Website

link building strategy

Getting links for your birth or postpartum website is a key component of your SEO strategy. Along with of course local listings on the websites of other local practitioners such as the midwifery clinic or chiropractic office, you can set up national or international level links on a variety of listing sites.

Along with the directories listed below you will find a number of holistic health oriented directories on the internet. I encourage you to be selective, picking directories that truly feel like they are well established, likely to be visited by your ideal client, and that have other listings from companies you respect in your area. Remember that being listed on a particular directory also reflects on YOU - if you wouldn't feel confident in a particular directory, then potential clients likely won't either and they may have a less than glowing perception of your company simply because you are listed there.

When well chosen, links on directory sites essentially create new positive pathways to your site, allowing for increased traffic from potential clients and signaling to Google that your site is an active presence online.

Paid or Free Listings?

In general it is better to go with a free listing, assuming they allow you to have a live link to your website. Paid listings don't always have the same "weight" for Google (they don't like you paying for links) and you would want to confirm that the site has a good presence in your region. For example, if you are in Canada I would advise against setting up listings on sites that only have "international" listings instead of dividing them up by province. You may also find it helpful to peek and see how many listings there are for your local area (more listings indicates a site that likely has better traffic and therefore more beneficial).

Tips for Creating Your Listing

Each site has a different structure for listing content and format, but in general you want to be sure to create the most complete listing possible. Remember to ensure that information is up to date, and maintain a list of the directories where you are listed so you can make updates to key details such as a new phone number, fee changes, or website link.

Birth and Postpartum Listing Directories

Here are some of the directories I have gathered where you can list your birth or postpartum services and link to your website. - free or paid

Australian Listing Sites


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