Just need a simple (but gorgeous) website?

Start small with a website you can grow with

Just need a simple (but gorgeous) website?

Start small with a website you can grow with

A website template created especially for birth & wellness pros: DOULAS, MIDWIVES, CHIROPRACTORS, COUNSELORS, LACTATION CONSULTANTS, YOGA TEACHERS, ACUPUNCTURISTS & more...

An affordable & supported way to customize your own beautiful, easy-to-manage website.

Imagine having 100% confidence that when someone lands on your website, they will feel inspired to take action to learn more & hire you.

I created the MY SIMPLE WEBSITE template so you can have a gorgeous, strategic, responsive, functional (did I mention gorgeous?) website built for you at a fraction of the cost of a custom design.

Even better? The website can grow with you. When you're ready to add new services, a client resources page, redesign the home page, this 100% flexible template is ready to adapt to your changing business needs and design vision.

- Sarah Juliusson, the WEBSITE DOULA

The My Simple Website Template is for you if:

1.You wish you could love your website. If you feel slightly reluctant or even embarrassed to share your website with potential clients, you'll be amazed at the confidence boost you'll feel with your new site.

2.You do NOT want to build your own website. You'd far rather spend time supporting your lovely clients. Perhaps you've already invested long hours trying to launch your own but just feel stuck and overwhelmed.

3. You need a new website ASAP, or ideally yesterday. Do you love the idea of having a simple way to launch a beautiful & effective site FAST without having to deal with tech headaches? Most new websites are live within one day!

From Zero to Launch: Your Simple (Gorgeous) Website in Just One Day


How does this work exactly? We begin with our beautiful base template with a Home Page, About Page, Service Page, & Contact Page. We customize the template with your colors, fonts, written content & images. The end result? Your very own beautiful mobile responsive WordPress website that is easy to update & grow.

The skilled website planning support you need

Simple video tutorials and bonus resources on writing effective copy, choosing colors & fonts & finding quality images.

Expert content guidance and feedback

Detailed, thoughtful content guidance for each section of your website. Plus, we'll provide expert feedback on your copy to help strengthen messaging.

One-day website build including live tweaks

Yes, we really can launch in just one day! We transform the template with your fonts, colors, images & copy. We will fine-tune the design in a one-hour zoom call once the base site is formatted.

We take care of all the tech details

From SEO to website speed, we make sure your site offers a strong foundation for your growing business. Our video tutorials teach you to manage your site and easily edit content as needed.

A full year of business support after you launch!

You'll grow your business with one year of post-launch support emails with free ebooks and guidance on SEO, blogging, marketing strategy & more. 

Optional monthly support plan

The optional Thriving Website Plan after launch ( $85/month ) provides all core site maintenance and security and up to 30 minutes of site updates/month!

Below is our base template. We add your images, colors, logo, fonts, & copy and it magically becomes your very own website! BONUS: On build day we have a one hour live call together to fine-tune and transform the template to perfection!