Want to build your own website?

My Simple Website course means you don't have to do it alone.


An affordable & supported way to build your own beautiful, easy-to-manage website.


A build-your-own website course created especially for birth & wellness pros: DOULAS, MIDWIVES, CHIROPRACTORS, COUNSELORS, LACTATION CONSULTANTS, YOGA TEACHERS, ACUPUNCTURISTS & more...


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You've messed around with different website builders, but don't feel happy with the results. You wish you could feel truly excited (instead of slightly reluctant) to share your website with potential clients.

While you'd love to hand over the project to a web designer, you simply don't have the funds for that kind of investment right now...  Speaking of investment, how many hours have you put into trying to build a site on your own?

Besides, you can already imagine what your dream website would look like - you just don't have the design or tech skills (yet!) to bring it to life.

You don't have to keep trying to tweak your website into something that feels "good enough".
Build your own dream website with The Website Doula by your side.

Easy-to-manage website

More great clients

Feel confident online

Yes, you really can build your own website.

No time wasted on google trying to find just the right tutorial. Your questions will be answered in my simple video tutorials, our private facebook support group, and if you choose, private support hours! You'll have a gorgeous template as your foundation that you can customize as much - or as little - as you wish. The end result? Your very own beautiful WordPress website that is easy-to-update & grow.


The key to an effective website is having a good plan before you start! You'll define your website strategy, and learn how to select the right colors, fonts and images to enhance your unique website.


A successful website needs great content! You'll get custom guides to each page's content as well as blog strategy. Plus, learn key tips to an effective menu & footer.


It's time to build your website!  I'll help you set up hosting & a domain, and your new website template. Step-by-step video tutorials show you how to build each page, including Home, About, Services & Contact.


We launch your beautiful new website! Once you launch you will get my one year series of post-launch emails with free guides on everything from search engine optimization to blog strategy.

My Simple Website Package


Simple video tutorials and bonus resources to guide you from zero to website launch.

Initial WordPress website set-up to ensure you start off your build on the right foot.

100% customizable website template to use as your site foundation.

Get your questions answered in our private facebook support group.

One year of post-launch support emails with free ebooks and guidance on SEO, blogging, marketing strategy & more.



Everything included in the My Simple Website course PLUS:

3 hour private support package. Use for design tweaks, content editing, SEO support & coaching.

One year free website hosting & domain registration at my preferred webhost.


Your website hosting & domain registration will be under $100, or free for the first year if you choose the bonus support package!  Starting one year after the course you should plan on plan up to $100/year for ongoing hosting & domain registration (may be closer to $60 if you have a very small site). You will also pay a license fee of $50/year for the website software starting one year after you join the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need a logo or branding package?

Yes, and no…. For a successful website you will need to define your color palette and fonts, and any other design elements you want to include such as a background pattern or graphic illustration.  You will also, of course, need to have your business name on the website!  While it is optimal to work with a graphic designer to create your visual brand, the guidance I provide in the course will include resources on choosing your colors and fonts. 

Many of my clients choose to do a simple word logo writing their business name with a nice font and perhaps some color until they are ready for a higher level of branding support. The course will include adding a simple text logo to your website without any graphic design software.

Q. How many website pages are included in the course?

The course will focus on the following core 4 pages: Home, About, Contact, & Services, plus an optional blog. You will have all the skills you need to grow the site beyond these original pages, adding additional services, new blog posts, and more.

Q. What extra costs are involved?

Your first year of hosting with my recommended web host & domain registration will be between $60 - $100 depending on your site size, or free with the course if you choose the package with private support hours and one year of free hosting & domain.  If you have an existing domain, it can likely stay registered where it is. 

While you can get a free domain-based email with your hosting account, optimally you should set up your email through the gsuite platform

Q. What if I end up needing extra help?

I am 100% always here to help. If you are just plain stuck, or you need custom tweaks to your site, we can work together on an hourly basis. You can choose a three hour support package with me right now for an extra $300 (includes free hosting & domain for a full year!), or choose hourly support for $150/hour as you need it.

Q. How am I going to find the time???

I hear you.  We all have a long To Do List, and dealing with your website is often near the bottom...  Part of the reason is likely that you aren't quite sure what to do to make it better.  

The time required to complete your new site will depend on a bunch of factors, including whether or not you need to write or rewrite your content and select photos, and how excited you get once you are rolling with your new site!  Often I find that once you see things starting to become "real", the inner drive towards completion is strong!

I have designed the course to be completed in a time frame of one month or less, planning on an investment of 5 hours per week. The first week focuses on strategy, brand identity, and content creation, and then once you start building it's up to you!  You could go live in 2-3 days, or invest a few weeks in a slower build. 

Another way to consider this is the amount of time you have been investing in a site that isn't truly working for you, or in researching option after option and never making a decision. If your new website could grow your practice by even just 25% in the first year, would it be worth your time investment now? 

Q: How long do I have to complete the course?

You are welcome to complete the course on your own timeline, but it is best completed over a 4 week period so you can keep the momentum going.  Remember that not everything has to be perfect. A quality website is meant to be improved over time - as your practice expands and your business identity becomes further defined, your website can follow your growth. You will have access to the private facebook support group and all course materials for the lifetime of the course.

Q. Why should I choose WordPress over one of the simple website builders such as Wix, Weebly or Squarespace?

You may have heard that WordPress has a bit of a learning curve?  I have some good news for you!  New programs developed over the past few years have led to true drag & drop functionality within WordPress, allowing you to have all the ease of use you crave, together with the high level of functionality & flexibility your business needs. 

There are indeed loads of options out there these days, with Wix, Weebly and Squarespace being the most commonly used.  Unfortunately with all of these you have to work within a specific chosen template and it is common to have formatting issues getting something to look the way you want it to. As well, there are often issues with how they appear on mobile devices, and SEO functionality.

My goal is to introduce you to a new way to use WordPress. Simple, functional, beautiful design that you can do for yourself! This is a website you can truly grow with.  I'll be here to guide you every step of the way.


Q. I don’t really want to DIY build my site - even with your help. Can you build it for me? 

Of course! I offer two great options for those of you who want more individualized support. My custom website packages start at $5000 and are designed for those of you with an established practice who are ready to grow. If you are just starting out and have a smaller practice with a single service, my website-in-a-day package for $3000 is a great fit. Book your free consult now >

What is your refund policy?

I have created the course to have all the materials you need for a successful website launch. I also understand that sometimes we are not able to complete projects as we had intended, whether due to our own overwhelm or life circumstances.

Because I provide all of the materials for this course from the first day that you join, I am unable to offer refunds beyond 3 days after purchase.

"With her hand-holding and kind encouragement, I have mastered WordPress! She turned the daunting task of redesigning my site into something achievable and fun, empowering me with the skills to maintain and update the site myself – something I’ve never been able to do before. Now my site is truly mine!”


“I’ve had loads of good reviews from friends and family on how great my website looks. Thank you for supporting me and making me feel empowered being able to make my own changes to my website."


"Tech timid? The Website Doula is the answer! Imagine the kind of support you need - reassuring, kind, knowledgeable, able to break down the complicated into simple manageable pieces and lead you through it, holding your hand and offering reassuring words all the way. That’s Sarah."


Are you ready to build your website?

  • You want (or need!) to build your own website, but don't want to waste time googling how-to tutorials.
  • Your current website is "ok" but you have a long list of things you wish were better: search results, more clients, clunky formatting...
  • You have an image in your mind of how you WISH your website could look...
  • You have an adventurous DIY spirit but also really like knowing you have skilled support available when you need it.

As your Website Doula my goal is to help you feel 100% confident designing & building your own website.

Even better? Imagine having 100% confidence that when someone lands on your website, they will feel inspired to take action to learn more & hire you.  Think you might prefer to have me build your website for you? Check out my Website In a Day and Custom Website Build offerings.

- Sarah Juliusson, the WEBSITE DOULA