Meaningful Social Media & your Birth Practice

meaningful social media

Would you like to use social media for your birth practice but don’t want to add to the endless “filler” content we see on facebook? When used wisely, social media can be both an authentic voice for your birth practice, and a powerful tool of engagement. Here are a few tips to help you serve as a meaningful resource online:

Be Unique

Consider how you can make your posts be noticed. The use of humor, reflection, or cutting-edge commentary can help spark interest & discussion.  Get clear on your unique voice on social media – what do you have to offer the conversation that represents your style and practice philosophy?  For example, if your practice has a focus on mindfulness in birth preparation, include inspirational quotes, meditations and reflections in the mix of content that you offer.  Visual posts are a great way to add vibe and interest to your readers, and they get 53% more attention than text-based posts!

Contribute Value

What do you want to offer of value to your followers? Examples include a balance of inspirational quotes and images, current research, favorite products, thought-provoking blog posts, personal musings, and special prizes or coupons. Before posting any content be sure to read thoroughly to be sure it is aligned with your practice philosophy. Ideally your content should allow visitors to deepen their understanding of your practice and related issues.

Build Community

Social media can feel like a bit of a one-way street in the beginning, and you may find yourself wondering if anybody out there is reading what you post? Try to craft posts in a way that encourages engagement, and always reply to their comments. Visit your page every 2-3 days minimum, and set your goal of posting 2-3 times per week.

As you craft your facebook page, consider carefully how personal you want to be with posts – there can be real value in blending personal with professional – but you may prefer to maintain a purely professional identity online. Social media tends to be the most effective when readers feel like they have a sense of relationship with you.

Become a Hub

Gratitude to Marketing for Hippies for the notion of the “hub” as a marketing tool.  Use social media to become a hub in your community by sharing information about other local practitioners and events that are aligned with your practice values. This helps build an energy of being an expert resource and your readers will know they can trust you to help them get connected.

How do you create meaning in social media?


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