Marketing your Birth Practice Online

online marketing

It begins with a simple conversation about the website for your doula practice. “Is having a website enough“, you ask? Well, yes… and no. We talk for a few more minutes, and you wonder about facebook… Then perhaps I mention the benefits of Google+. You then wonder about writing a blog, and perhaps bring up Twitter as another possibility.

Within a few minutes comes the cry of frustration:

I barely have time for any of this!  I just can’t spend all of my time online.

And then the question:

With so many options, where do I focus?

With so many choices out there to use for online marketing of your birth practice, it’s no wonder that so many of you are feeling the frustration of too many options and not enough time.  Sound familiar?  Check out the guest post I contributed today to Doula Trainings International:

Websites and Facebook and Blogging – Oh My!

Deciding Which Tools Are Best to Use for your Doula Practice

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