The following is my informed consent message about your website maintenance:

Your website needs updates - and security. You know this. When you first launch, everything is perfect. But soon there will be plugins that need updating, a new version of WordPress, a PHP update that needs attention, and something may just go wonky.

Technology changes QUICKLY these days, and you need to keep all your tools up-to-date to keep your site safe, and running fast & smooth.

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A Website Maintenance and Support Plan is a great choice for you if:

  • You feel kind of panicked inside when you think of dealing with updates yourself.
  • You have "what if" syndrome and would rather postpone or ignore updates than risk messing it all up.
  • You're busy! You have a full client load and want to know that your website is being updated & protected by an expert.
  • Your website is IMPORTANT. It is your #1 marketing tool, and you want to KNOW it is safe & sound.

You worked hard on your new website (!) and it’s normal to want to sit back and simply enjoy it being DONE.

Here’s the catch: To keep running smoothly, your website must have ongoing care & attention. Backups, plugin updates, added security, WordPress updates.... all of these are important elements to website maintenance, and easily overwhelming for those unaccustomed to the world of website maintenance.

I have no desire to scare you here. As your Website Doula, however, it’s also my job to ensure you are making informed choices for your business. We put a lot of work into your website. Now it’s time to protect it.

Choose your plan & start protecting your site today:


$60 monthly
  • Advanced security measures to help keep your site safe & secure. Weekly scans to ensure you are malware free.
  • Site checkups 1-2x / week providing updates and monitoring of WordPress, your theme, plugins, and PHP to ensure that everything is current.
  • Enhanced site backup with weekly complete website and database backups, stored in my private cloud storage.


$40 monthly
  • Site checkups 1-2x / week providing updates and monitoring of WordPress, your theme, plugins and PHP to ensure that everything is current.

If you do get hacked, it is very NOT fun, and it has a real impact on your business.

  • I’ve seen lovely sites disappear from the internet and be entirely replaced by Very dodgy content (i've seen a terrorist recruitment video, chinese porn and more).
  • Or sites riddled with malicious code designed to extract personal information, or even cause site visitors (i.e. YOUR CLIENTS) to download malware to their own computers.
  • Even worse? If you're not consistently monitoring your site, you might not even notice for a few days - or longer...
  • In the meantime... when Google detects your hack it will "blacklist" your site, adding warnings, and removing it from search results. Imagine a potential client going to your URL and finding a giant warning sign telling them NOT to open your website.
site maintenance plan (2)
site maintenance plan
site maintenance plan (1)

"That’s one of the many reasons I hire you again and again. Because you’re so good at this stuff!! I would have already had a stroke"

Jodi Long

The real cost of getting hacked...

Can we get your site back? Absolutely. However the real cost is far more than paying to recover your site...

cost website hack

You'll likely need to pay several hundred dollars for the site to be restored & malicious code removed. It could be a week or more before your site is live & healthy again.

cost website hack (1)

Your google ranking may be impacted for days or even weeks while we wait for google to confirm the safety of your site and reindex you in search results.

cost website hack (3)

You've lost who knows how many amazing potential clients or collaboration opportunities during the time your site was down. And yes, that means lost income..

cost website hack (4)

...and now there are people out there who when they hear your business name, may tell their friends not to check you out because your site is unsafe.

Think of a website maintenance plan as your best way to:


Make sure your site is safe & sound 24/7 (so it can focus on what it does best - connect you with great clients!). I'm in your dashboard & hosting plan taking care of all updates 1-2x/week, ensuring all systems are running smoothly, running advanced security programs, maintaining regular site backups, and more.

MINIMIZE the time you spend taking care of your website updates and maintenance (so you can focus on what you do best!). If you choose the THRIVE plan I'll even take care of content updates such as blog posts, new workshops & photos.

Sarah Juliusson (4)

Questions? Answers.

When the tools used to build your site are not up-to-date, you are inherently more vulnerable to both elements of your site going wonky, and the risk of being hacked. It’s like you’ve left open the door a crack, and as you miss more updates, the crack gets wider… If you’re lucky, nothing happens.

But the risk is real, and several times a year I hear from small business owners like you who are panicked because their site has gone down, or haywire, or worse...