Love Notes

Wondering how a website doula is different than a website designer? See what my clients have to say...


“Sarah was completely amazing during the creative & design process. I was somewhat stumped in going from an already created website to the new one. While I had my ideas of what I wanted changed and how I wanted it to look – she helped, prodded, encouraged, and created a new website that was so much better than what I had. She has also been wonderful since the site went live in answering questions, and helping me. Anyone that is considering updating, or starting from scratch with a new website will not be disappointed.”



Message from a pregnant mom to one of my clients: “Finding you has been such a wonderful relief in my search for birth classes and resources. The energy of your business just radiates through your website and I already feel at home there even without meeting anyone!”


I have already had four families sign up for care…all from the website. I cannot thank you enough, Sarah. This entire process has opened my mind and heart to endless possibilities.”



“I hired Sarah to help me fix a page on my website and update, modernize, and streamline the registration process for my childbirth classes. Sarah did beautiful work…the changes she made were everything I asked for, plus the things I didn’t know to ask for. She brought the kind of touch that only an expert on web design AND birth work can bring to this work. I was thrilled with how she took my vision and created something even better than I imagined. I’m so grateful for Sarah’s help and will definitely be coming back for more!”


doula website review

“Even doulas need doulas, and can you believe I found a website one? Unlike a birth doula and client, Sarah and I didn’t have several months to spend getting to know each other before the “birth” of my doula website, but we really didn’t have to: she immediately tapped into what I needed and wanted, even during those moments when I really didn’t know what I needed or wanted myself. She was responsive, warm, not afraid to make suggestions or offer alternatives, quick-working, and best of all, she made a gorgeous site for me! The custom tutorials were a big bonus, too. When your working relationship with Sarah has ended, you’ll feel more empowered and confident than you did before: not only in taking over the maintenance of your beautiful new website, but in moving forward with your business and passion.”



“Sarah had the perfect balance of guiding me through my web design; stepping up to be directive when I needed firm guidance, and understanding and flexible in time when I needed to find my own way. She will empower you to own the process of building your website, translating your feelings into a visual expression of your business that looks and feels exactly as you dreamed it would.



“When I first started working with Sarah, I was moving in a million different directions. I had loads of ideas and inspiration, but I didn’t know how to go about executing my ideas in a focused and manageable way. Sarah helped me identify and verbalize my niche. We then designed my new business offerings around my talents and interests, rather than trying to be everything to everyone. We continue to work together (3 years later!), and my business is thriving and growing in ways that I never thought possible.”

“I’m happy to say that my website is a true reflection of me and my work. Many web designers don’t have a real understanding of how to help a practitioner express their voice and speak to their clients in an authentic and meaningful way. Sarah understands how important it is for holistic practitioners to reach their audience without feeling insincere. She helped me streamline my services into a connected, coherent site which is welcoming and easy to navigate. She also helped me learn some valuable skills so that I could maintain and update my website as needed.”


Megan Birth Doula

“When I started looking a designer for an overhaul of my very basic website I knew I had found the right person in Sarah. She is so clear and concise; it was obvious that her custom website design was meant for someone like me. We designed a new site from the ground up – content, design, branding and SEO. I really appreciated how she made sure I understood what was needed every step of the way, and helped me flesh out my ideas. I am so happy with the site; it’s exactly what I envisioned: Fresh, fun, clean and professional. The inquiries are already rolling in, so it’s also pleased my ideal client, which is exactly what it should be doing!”



“I am so grateful that I had Sarah design and build my website. She truly is a website doula extraordinaire! I had already worked with one designer, but got stuck in the process and felt discouraged. Sarah’s focus, knowledge and encouragement made the process enjoyable. When I felt overwhelmed, she broke it down into manageable steps. When I felt stuck she encouraged me on. She offered the perfect balance between supporting me in the process and getting the job done.”



“When we hire a doula, it’s because we know we potentially might be freaking out when things get dicey. We want someone there who can explain, comfort, and advise – an advocate, a friend. Sarah is all of these things. My blog and I needed a calm, helping hand when things went wonky last spring. Technology is not my bag, but Sarah made me feel like that was okay, and she even managed to make my technological confidence grow a bit, which is no small miracle. She took care with my concerns and polished my blog up one piece at a time until it sparkled again, truly better than new. I absolutely recommend her to anyone who needs gentle guidance and support with the web projects near and dear to your heart. I will not hesitate to call on her again when the going gets rough. I truly thank my lucky stars for Sarah.”



“Working with Sarah is pure pleasure! She is delightful, grounded, and deeply knowledgeable. I began working with her through her ecourse ‘SEO Birth Plan’. It brought me into a world I knew little about and gave me confidence to both expand the back-end and enhance the user-side of my website. After the class I knew she was the one to hire to upgrade my website. She was wonderful with communication. She was clear about the path. And incredibly supportive with any questions. Technology almost always gets complicated, and Sarah navigated through any challenge with grace. I will absolutely work with her again. This is just the beginning!”



“Imagine the kind of support you want during labor – reassuring, kind, knowledgeable, someone who breaks down the complicated into simple manageable pieces and leads you through it, holding your hand and offering reassuring words all the way. That’s Sarah.

She provides well thought-out materials including questionnaires to help you identify your goals and easy to follow tutorials. Her tech skills and intuition combine to build a functional and personal website with words of encouragement when you get stuck. If bringing a website into the world is what you want, I highly recommend Sarah. She offers a pain-free process and support every step of the way.



“Seeing myself on a screen represented by my website in such a professional way brings up enormously good feelings. It’s a huge boost for my confidence and makes me feel a glowing warm radiance from deep inside! Thank you so much dear website doula!”



“She totally doula-ed me through this process! I am utterly grateful for her gentle guidance from beginning to end. She did everything she could to set me up for success. I am thankful for her wisdom, skill, & for helping me find greater confidence with some of the more behind-the-scenes, technical aspects of owning my business. I wish I’d done this sooner! I was & am a very satisfied client. Sarah will help you think through all the decisions you need to make, guiding you to develop your website to communicate what your clients need to know – how to find & hire you! Birth doulas believe in their clients and help their clients navigate transitions with confidence, and so does Sarah as a website doula.

Lauren, DOULA


“Thank you for having my back and guiding me, I was absolutely clueless when we first started out. Your heart is in your business and it really shows. You knew what I wanted just by reading my facial expression on Skype. You’re definitely more than a website designer, the term website doula fits well. You really made me feel cared for and understood throughout our time together. I’ve had loads of good reviews from friends and family on how great my website looks. Thank you for supporting me and making me feel empowered for now being able to make my own changes to my website.”


birth doula website

“Sarah was spot on in understanding my vision and helping me achieve it – she truly did doula me through the process. Even though I resisted a little, I learned so many things about SEO, layout and design features, editing, and “secret codes” along the way. She was patient and encouraging and helped me see my potential; exactly what I strive to do for my own doula clients every day! The final product was quite different than I had envisioned initially, but it is oh so much better than what I had come up with in my imagination. Hire a pro, it makes all the difference!”

A few months later: “My website has already paid for itself! I just wanted you to know I got an inquiry from a prospective doula client who said she really loved my website and felt a connection to me based on the information and pictures.”



“It has been about 6 months since I finished working with Sarah and I can honestly say that the Website Doula package I purchased has more than paid for itself. My website is beautiful and getting more traffic than ever before. And most importantly, I’m booking more clients!  Sarah is so friendly and helpful and amazingly knowledgeable about web design and search engine optimization. I highly recommend her services!”


counselling website

“I can honestly say that not only would I never even have attempted this without Sarah as my website doula, I definitely NEVER would’ve gotten it done! She is creative, full of inspired suggestions and useful tips, yet responsive to my direction and ideas. Sarah has an infectious enthusiasm for website design, and was masterful at taking my loosely formed ideas and bringing my vision to life. Sarah is an absolute pleasure to work with!”


Erika Childbirth Educator

“I appreciated her knowledge around website development and SEO, creative flair, editing skills, and on a deeper level, her insight and intuition into who I am, what I want to offer through my website, and what my vision for my business is. And learning to uncover who my ideal client is was one of the most profound experiences I have had on the “business” side of birth work. Having a knowledgeable, compassionate support person by my side was essential!


Kathie Neff, Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator

“Sarah offers the ideal combination of skills to assist a birth worker in launching the business or website of their dreams. Her personal experience in birth work for over 20 years provides the backdrop. She has that rare gift of inspiration combined with practical skills, an asset to anyone who wants to bring the dream of their birth business into reality. Sarah is an expert doula for the birth professional and a wise investment.”



“I came across Sarah, the Website Doula, through Facebook. I needed to redesign my website and needed help in doing so. I was looking for someone with great technical abilities, but also someone who understood the intricacies of birth and postpartum doula work. As a former doula, Sarah totally fit the bill! She was not only able to help with design, graphics and the feel for my new site, she was able to provide guidance when it came to language, tone of voice and content. I am extremely happy with my new website, have had excellent feedback from clients and I highly recommend Sarah to help you with yours!



“When I heard there was such a thing as a Website Doula, I thought it was too good to be true. To have someone with the warmth and personal experience of a birth doula who is also exceptionally knowledgeable and talented in website design just didn’t seem like something I would be able to find out there. Sarah exceeded every expectation I had and not only made the process of creating my website simple, but actually enjoyable! I was so nervous about the process of building and maintaining a website before we began, but as soon as I started to work with Sarah, I actually had fun and I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned from her. I feel blessed and privileged to have built my site with her. After lots of anticipation, and a long early labor, I finally get to enjoy my website baby!”

Christina, BIRTH DOULA


“Throughout our time working together, Sarah has been a generous, honest, and wonderfully creative collaborator, helping me shape my ideas and taking them to the next level. In our phone conversations and email exchanges, I felt like I had 100% of her focus. My questions were answered, the changes I requested were made, and when I needed someone to bounce ideas off, her expertise was invaluable. I love my website, I feel ready to take care of it and help it grow, and when it’s time to make it a full site, I have no doubt I will be back.”



Working with Sarah was probably the best business decision I’ve ever made. Sarah helped bring my vision of what I wanted my website to look, and feel, like to life. She held my hand through the entire process, much like I do with birthing moms. She has made my website easy to navigate and beautiful! I love it!”



“I know it seems like a big expense to invest in a website build but it is so, so worth it. In a single month, I have had more client inquiries, more success in booking clients, and love that I can send people to my site for local resources, etc. It’s worth every penny. Sarah is an absolute pleasure to work with – patient, warm, and gives gentle, constructive feedback. She is able to explain technical details clearly so to help you make important decisions for your site, and produces amazing work. I have to admit that my vision for my site was not very concrete, I just knew it needed (a lot of) something…I love my new website!”



“Business is growing, and I’ve gotten more clients who have found me online within the past month than ever before. People are definitely responding to the new site!  I loved working with Sarah! Because she understood my work as a birth/holistic health professional, she really captured the vision I had for my site. I loved that I was really involved in the process and Sarah was patient with me through it all. I’m so pleased with the outcome and highly recommend her!”


Catherine Doula and Parent Educator

“When I hired Sarah I had been using a DIY website for about five years. I was tired and frustrated by the limitations on what I could do, even though I had taught myself a lot over the years. Unless I wanted to learn how to code, I knew it was time to hire a professional. I have no regrets about choosing Sarah! From the start, I was impressed. She came to our visioning call with a format in mind and lots of free/affordable resources to help me gather what I needed in order to complete my part of the work. She did a wonderful job of balancing giving guidance with being responsive to my concerns about particular details. I’ve heard that sometimes other people using website designers have long delays and other similar frustrations. Working with Sarah I did not experience any of that. She’s also a lovely person to work with–smart, funny and responsible. I would encourage anyone interested in a new website to contact Sarah for some great website doula-ing!


postpartum support website design

You so beautifully bring together technical know-how, business smarts, a strong aesthetic and with the sensitivity and responsiveness of a doula. Thank you, Sarah for taking me through this big process of putting my work on line, in the world.”


placenta encapsulation

“Completing my website was a huge hurdle for me and hiring Sarah was by far the best thing I ever did to overcome that hurdle. Her resources, guidance, encouragement and feedback were exactly what I needed as a birth professional, a business owner and a working mama! She knows the ins and outs of both the birth world and website/marketing world. She has clear, streamlined systems and workflows to help you move the daunting task of building a website forward. I return back to her website regularly for wisdom and resources, and continue to learn so much about mindful, holistic business practices, valuing myself and my services, and how to market them.”


birth doula and childbirth educator

“My experience with Sarah went beyond having a designer make changes to my website. She worked with me to reconsider elements of my business plan, encouraged me to put a high value on myself and on my services, and asked questions that allowed me to truly hone in on my target market and business goals. She was a delight to work with. I knew that I could trust her to make changes in line with my vision and make the best use of the hours and money I budgeted for this project. I appreciated that Sarah came to the table with more than just web design skills. Her background in birth work meant that she automatically understood many of my goals, desires, and hopes. Always the educator, she handed the reins to me when she knew that I could handle a task and taught me how to keep my website up to date moving forward. She was the perfect combination of designer and mentor and helped me feel validated and motivated to make important changes on my website. I’m so glad I found Sarah and will be coming back to her with any web design help that I might need in the future.”


childbirth educator website

“I had no background at all in website development and didn’t know where to start. Sarah stepped in to help guide and mentor me along the way in making this website come to life. There were moments where I was ready to stop, not knowing what to do next. She helped encourage me and take another step, which then turned into another, and finally into a finished product. I’m still so surprised and thrilled to see what developed as the final product considering where we started! Her experience as a seasoned birth worker really gave her insight into what I was trying to say. This combined with her website expertise and her gentle way of doulaing me through the process helped me to realize that this was achievable. Sarah was an absolute pleasure to work with and is an exceptional doula for the birth worker developing a website and business.


Kristin Smith, Creator of The Birth Bag

After building her first site with me >> “The best business decision I ever made was to hire Sarah to replace my WIX site with a custom WordPress website. I can not believe the difference it has made in just 3 weeks! I now show up on the first page of google, with 10 new clients in the past week! It was a smooth, stress free experience working with Sarah, her creativity and sharp eye made such an impact on my experience! Hiring Sarah as your Website Doula will be the best investment you make for your growing business.”

Two years later >>“I have now birthed 2 sites with Sarah as my website doula, plus a site makeover, and we’re about to welcome a 3rd site into the world! When we first worked together, I had no knowledge of anything related to the web. Sarah was so patient, guiding me with video tutorials to navigate behind the scenes. The more we work together, the more confident I become!

As a doula, I love receiving a picture of a positive pregnancy test from a repeat client. I’m sure when Sarah gets an email from me with the subject line “you might think I’m crazy” it gives her that same feeling. I will work with her on every website or business idea I have! Sarah is knowledgeable, kind and pretty damn awesome!”



“I loved working with Sarah! From the very first 20 minute consult, her knowledge and experience had me excited about the possibilities for a complete rebranding. The process was so much more than me simply handing her content, she took the time to guide me and gave me honest feedback so the end result clearly represented who I am and what I provide. I’ve gotten many compliments on my beautiful, new website. I LOVE it!”



“Working with Sarah to build a website for my midwifery practice was an absolutely fabulous experience. Having her guide me through the process was such a gift; I really did feel like I had a thoughtful, attentive doula with me every step of the way. The fact that she’s so familiar with birth & midwifery meant that she could understand intuitively what I was envisioning & how best to represent my small practice. I was able to contact her easily whenever I had questions, and she was able to point me to loads of great resources as I developed my website. I’m so very grateful to Sarah & highly recommend her as your website doula!”



“Working with Sarah was delightful on every level. Warm and grounded, her design skills beautifully express her creative spirit and artfully encapsulate the talents of her clients in a clear, easy to navigate web presence. I am so grateful for her guidance to manage my own website and content moving forwards. It has been only a couple of weeks since my website launched, and I am already seeing an increase in my business!”
9 months later…
“My new website has already paid for itself with the increase in business! I am so grateful to Sarah for her skill and knowledge that supported the growth of my business. After almost 9 years in business, my practice has improved dramatically since she redesigned my website.”



“I like how you took your time to explain things in a way that made it easy to understand if you are not familiar with computers etc…I felt that I was not alone in the process. Also, the website birth plan ebook was very thorough and helped to guide me along with the process.”

Giovanna, DOULA

Lisa Birth and Postpartum Doula

“I hired Sarah to provide me with technical support as I built my website. It turned out she provided me with a LOT more, helping me really explore who I was as a doula, and what I had to uniquely offer my clients. Together we built a website that truly represents me and one that I am so very proud of. Her technical skills kept our work progressing quickly. She showed great patience with me and kept me going even when I thought the task had become bigger than I could handle, “doula-ing” me along with the utmost care. Her inside knowledge of being a working doula, along with her marketing and web design skills make choosing Sarah’s website design services the obvious choice. My site has already paid for itself, but more importantly, I am enjoying working with clients that are a great fit for me.”



“Sarah was amazing! Before working with her, my site literally did not come up in google searches. She helped me completely redesign my site and showed me how to integrate the necessary keywords and formatting to make sure Google can find me. The best thing about Sarah is instead of just doing it for you, she gives you the tools and information to do it yourself. It leaves you empowered to grow your business going forward without relying on help from others. I am finally showing up on Google and am getting inquiries from my site!”


birth doula

“I loved how she likened website design to birthing, and let me know that we would go through the “process”, and that we WOULD come out with a website at the end, especially when I was doubting myself! Her encouragement was priceless, and I’m amazed that she got me to do things that I never would have been able to make myself do. I was surprised that I actually enjoyed the process of creating my website. Sarah was always there, not pushing me, but checking in at the times we had agreed upon, and encouraging me in the most helpful ways. I appreciated her initiative with formatting and fonts, after a small bit of direction from me. I am very happy with my site, and am getting great reviews.”


prenatal yoga teacher

“Words can’t express the gratitude I feel for Sarah’s talent, expertise, and support in creating a new, amazing website that reflects the essence of my business. I was very fearful of doing this and have done things in the last 3 months that I thought I couldn’t do. I originally was skeptical that we could achieve this in such a short period of time, but she had all the tools and tricks for us to do this within my budget and the time we originally allocated to the project. It has been just a few days since my new site is live and I have received many inquiries and compliments. I couldn’t be happier with the results of our work together.”



“Sarah is passionate about helping women succeed with their birth business! Her vision has inspired many doulas and other holistic professionals to take their businesses seriously. Working with Sarah on our online branding has helped us to create a website that genuinely reflects our personalities, our brand and our hope for our clients – that they be drawn into a warm, supportive community through their contact with us. If you’re looking for someone to help you focus and refine your vision with a beautiful aesthetic design that will communicate those ideals on your website, you can’t go wrong with The Website Doula.”



“I found you through a podcast interview with Tolabor about SEO, as I was just getting ready to take the leap for my postpartum doula business… Thank you so very much for the brilliant and and sage guidance that you share through your free resources. Thank you for taking the scare out of branding and marketing birth business and for the commitment and dedication to continue to work to help birth workers and their clients meet.”



When I showed the website to my grandmother, she said, “Holy Shit!” My grandma doesn’t swear, and she said, “Holy Shit!”.