The Long Labor of Birthing your Business

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Yesterday I shared a website page created by one of my clients with another coaching client.  I thought she might be inspired by her unique approach to speaking to the topic of anxiety in pregnancy.  She was of course, wowed by what she saw, but the real magic happened when I sent her praise back to the client who had made the page.

In response to the positive feedback she wrote with gratitude:

“As with any long labor, it can seem like nothing is happening, and no progress is being made. I have to keep reminding myself that during this season of patience, the things that are happening cannot be detected or measured by concrete or obvious standards.”

It was a powerful reminder for me to honor the small shifts.  Sometimes we do indeed need a “season of patience”.  So often I talk with birth professionals who are feeling stuck, as though nothing is changing, wondering if they will ever reach their practice goals.  Pay attention to the small shifts – the words of praise from a friend or client, the invitation to do a workshop, the call you got yesterday from a new client. Over time, these small shifts will pave the way for a thriving practice.