What's a gravatar, you wonder? It comes from the world Avatar, kind of like the avatars your kids choose for themselves while playing video games. I'm way too outside of that world to do a real comparison of the two, despite having 2 teenage boys!  Avatar was actually originally a Hindu religious term, referring to the material manifestation of a deity on earth, but in the online world gravatars are photos that we choose to represent ourselves online.

When do gravatars show up online?

  • 1 When you post a new blog post, your avatar & profile will show up at the bottom of your post (if your site is set up to use that feature!)
  • 2 When you comment on someone else's blog post, if you use the email linked to your gravatar your photo will show up next to that comment.

Here's an example of what your gravatar & author profile will look like at the bottom of those blog posts>

How to make a gravatar


Your gravatar and author profile are a great way to build your relationship with readers, making it clear that you are the one providing them with such great information or thought-provoking articles, and inviting them to take the next step in getting to know you. It serves as a supplement to your "about me" page, introducing readers to you on each and every blog post. That way, even if they find you for the first time via a blog post, they can start getting to know you right away!

Most importantly it's a simple & FREE way to quickly up your professionalism profile online!

NOTE: The tutorial below is specifically for WordPress users. That said, if you want your photo to show up when you comment on other people's sites, then you do need to create a gravatar using the steps below! If you're on squarespace, follow these instructions instead. If you're on WIX, click here.

  • 1 Go to https://en.gravatar.com and click on the Create a Gravatar blue button
  • 2 It will go to a login page where you can login using your WordPress.com login info. If you don't have a WP.com login, create one. Then click activate account in the confirmation email they will send you.
  • 3 Go back to https://en.gravatar.com. If you use the login link in your email you will end up in wordpress.com and it will direct you to build a site. Don't go there!
  • 4 You are now logged into the gravatar site. It will give you the option to upload an image to represent yourself. Note that this could be a photo of yourself OR your log image.
  • 5 It will give you the choice to use the email you used when you set up the account, or to add a different one. You will need to select your primary email to link the image below to.
  • 6 Your image upload needs to be < 1 MB as you will see in my video tutorial below in which I make that very mistake! The system will give you the option to crop your image to the correct dimensions if needed to fit into the gravatar structure.
  • 7 Approve your chosen image & you're good to go! You can then add your profile text into the settings on your website dashboard. If you are on WordPress, that is under the "users" section in your dashboard! (Just make sure you are using the same email for your site user profile & your gravatar so they can match up!)

Good luck!

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