Show up in search results with an optimized local Google Business Profile

Think of me as your google doula...

Show up in search results with an optimized local Google Business Profile.

Think of me as your google doula...

Wish you had page one search results? An optimized Google Business Profile offers an easy way to show up more quickly in top search results!

Good SEO takes a lot of effort & technical know-how. If your core SEO settings are in place, and you're committed to creating regular new content on your blog, you will - eventually - achieve your desired goal of page one ranking with your business.

Trouble, is, our business can't wait months, or years, for that page one search result to happen organically. One of the best investments you can make in your wellness business is to launch a well-optimized Google My Business page.


You know how when you search for pizza, a map pops up on google with a bunch of red markers & lists of local pizza joints? The same thing will happen if you search for local chiropractors, doulas, yoga classes, or therapists. YOU WANT YOUR BUSINESS TO SHOW UP IN THIS LIST!

While creating a page is free and relatively simple, there are lots of extra steps to making your Google My Business page fully optimized for good showings in local search results.

What can an optimized Google My Business page do for your business?

It can help your business quickly get onto page one of search results WITHOUT paying for Google Ads!  Plus, your five-star reviews from clients who adore you will draw even more attention to your wellness business!

Google My Business Optimization Package

Are you ready to start showing up in search results?

A deep dive into your Google My Business local business page with the goal of amplifying how you show up in local search results. From keyword integration to geotags on photos, we will help you make the most of your Google My Business page. Don't yet have a business page setup? No worries, we'll walk you through the basics of creating a page before our session so that we have a foundation to work with.

Google My Business Optimization Package: $350