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Favorite Online Tools for Health & Wellness Business Owners

I know creating a new website and building your business online is A LOT of work. There are plenty of details required that you might not have thought about. Along with content and images, you have to consider systems to support your work.

Want a newsletter or lead magnet? You need an email marketing platform!

Ready for clients to start booking appointments online without going back and forth by email? You need a booking calendar tool.

Planning to launch online courses? You need to choose a course platform!

The list goes on... While it can be overwhelming, I’m here to help! Here are some of my top recommendations as the Website Doula.


When you have a growing practice, having a tool that effectively helps you nurture potential clients & manage your existing client load makes all the difference. There are lots of great options out there.

My #1 choice is Honeybook for the user-friendly interface (click here for a free trial & to save 20% on your first year)

Dubsado and 17hats are also popular options for wellness business owners.


I love love love ThriveCart. While it doesn't create a "shop" page like easy digital downloads below, it has an excellent interface for user checkout with options for "bump" and add-on products as well as subscriptions, free trials, coupons and more. Plus you can get a special one-time purchase price for lifetime usage. This is what I use now for all of my online sales. Check it out!

Easy Digital Downloads is a favorite storefront platform that can be easily integrated within your website. It is especially useful for selling virtual products.

Wondering about Shopify? If you're wanting a full shopping cart, it's an excellent platform if you have a business that is primarily ecommerce.


If you want to send newsletters or create client email automation sequences, you need an email marketing tool.

ConvertKit & Active Campaign > Ready to really commit to email marketing? Whether you want to have automated email series or trigger campaigns based on user interactions with your content, these two providers are my top choice for clients who are well established, growing, and active in their marketing.

Mailerlite > In the past few years Mailerlite has emerged as a leading competitor to Mailchimp. Many find the interface to be simpler and their free plan has more versatility.


My top choice for client emails is to pay for Google Workspace (gsuite) Starter ($6/month) or Business Plan ($12/month). This allows you to have a domain-based email such as that is totally independent of your hosting = more reliable & faster service that is less likely to be flagged as spam. SIGN UP NOW

*Yes, you can also have a free domain-based email through your hosting account if you prefer. This is less than ideal in terms of functionality. Or, some clients create a free "business" gmail such as


Need to register a domain? You will get a free domain registration when you sign up for your hosting account at Websavers, but if you prefer to have your domains registered separately from hosting, I recommend Namecheap for domain registration.


If you're looking to offer courses, I have three great options for you!

Thrivecart is the most affordable option out there, with a lifetime purchase of just $495 or pro for $695 You get a shopping cart for services & products, payment plan options, bump offers, upsells & down sells, and an excellent course platform that meets most client needs. It's not the fanciest course platform out there, but if you're offering just a few simple courses and don't need all the bells & whistles (and most of you don't!) something like Kajabi offers it is a Great choice.

Kajabi is the top all-in-one platform for course delivery. If you are an established business with one or more courses at higher price points, it may well be the perfect fit for you. Check it out now with a free trial.

Thinkific (get one month free!) & Teachable > These easy-to-use platforms are designed for courses. With a free beginner plan on Thinkific, you can even host up to 3 courses (with limitations in functions, of course).

Build the course right into your site. Let me know if you're interested in learning more about this option.


Having clients be able to automatically book and even pay for sessions through your website is quickly becoming the norm for service providers. My top options for individual bookings and group class registration:

Acuity Scheduling > The higher-level plan includes HIPAA compliance for care providers.

Book Like a Boss > Lots of great functionality, this is what I have used for years.

Calendly > Probably the easiest tool in terms of setup. Integrates well with Honeybook client management system.

If you only need to do class registrations, we can either create a simple registration form and payment through your website or use Regfox for more functionality.


Have you always wondered how people create those fancy signatures at the bottom of their emails? Here's my secret!

Wisestamp > You can create a beautiful customized email signature in less than 5 minutes, including features such as your photo, social media icons, and even your latest blog post.


When it comes to passwords, I've seen it all. Your dog's name, kids' names, birth years, favorite food, the same exact password for everything... We all know we "should" be better about creating secure unique passwords but somehow it's always at the bottom of the list. I'd like to introduce you to LastPass. I would be absolutely lost without it. Do yourself a favor and set it up for yourself today.


I set up almost all of my clients with hosting accounts at Websavers. Based in Canada, they provide fantastic service for my clients all over North America & if you are in the US you'll save about 30% thanks to the CAD - USD exchange rate. Small host, skilled support team (instead of a massive call center), no overloaded servers, automatic site backups, and affordable. I have been with them for many, many years.