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Choosing your web designer / developer is an important choice in the growth of your business. I expect you to have questions - and likely lots of them! - as you discern the right fit for your needs.

The FAQ below will hopefully help answer some of your immediate burning questions about your new website. You are always welcome to email me at hello@thewebsitedoula or use the website messaging tool (bottom right corner!).

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Here are some of the most common questions I answer for prospective web design clients:

Will I be able to edit my website myself?

I make sure you have 100% confidence updating & maintaining your website with a video tutorial, coaching call, and private resource hub. Whether you want to edit text, change photos, or add a service, your new WordPress website will be FAR easier to manage than you might imagine with a drag and drop ease and flexibility.

While you may have heard about the WordPress learning curve, thankfully technology has changed a lot in recent years! I build your site in a flexible drag and drop builder within WordPress and rarely need to use code. This means that you will be 100% able to edit & manage your own website. I am of course always available for hourly support if you'd rather not be responsible for this!

How does the website planning process work?

We begin with my unique website planning process to help you explore your needs & vision. You will have plenty of resources and support as you prepare for the build, including guidance on content and photos. Our 2nd coaching call is to review your content and confirm our design plan.

Once your content, fonts, colors & images are complete, we are ready to build your site!  Most clients find it helpful to invest 2 weeks - 2 months (depending on site complexity and your schedule!) for their planning process.

I encourage you to treat me as your website doula during the planning process. You can send me ideas for feedback, content for critique, design inspirations, ask questions etc... along the way. My role is to make your planning process as smooth as possible.

How long does it take for my website to go live?

Once your content, fonts, colors & images are complete, we are ready to build your site!  Your actual website will come to life very quickly with my collaborative build intensive days. While I take care of the website build, I do ask that you be available for feedback during our build day(s). I want to be sure you 100% love your new website!

I can generally complete a 3 page website in a one day design intensive. Larger sites may requre 2, 3 or even 5 days or more for the build time. Our discovery call will allow me to map out your site structure & needs to provide an accurate estimate for your new site.

What do you mean by "a website that can grow with you"?

It's important to me that you never feel stuck with your website, so I design your site to grow with you. 

Many clients feel confident enough with their sites that they are able to add new service pages, update team bios, change photos, etc... without any need for my support. Others prefer to make updates & then have me fine-tune their work before it goes live, and some have me make all updates on an hourly basis.

Plus...a few years from now when you're ready for a fresh look, you don't have to start from scratch. We can easily update everything from colors and fonts to your entire design style or page structures.

My goal is to build you a website that we can grow with your practice for years to come.

Why do you build sites on WordPress?

Quite simply, it is the best platform for business owners who want an online foundation they can grow with.  WordPress offers all the flexibility we need to make the most of your site, fully mobile responsive design capability, and countless tools we can use to add functionality as you grow.

I use the Beaver Builder content management system - trusted, 100% flexible, and up to date. Plus, full drag and drop design structure so you can make changes on your site with ease.

Do I need a logo or branding package?

Yes, and no… While it is optimal to work with a graphic designer to create your visual brand, our web design process can define your colors and fonts. Many clients choose to do a simple word logo writing their business name with a nice font and perhaps some color until they are ready for a higher level of branding support. I do have an excellent partnership with Mind Your Business providing logo and brand design for those clients who are ready to invest in a logo.

Will you help my site show up on page one of search results?

Good search engine optimization takes time and effort. I set up your site with a strong SEO foundation, paying attention to your on-page optimization and back-end settings. Your SEO success will vary according to the age of your domain, your location, the size of your site, blogging and link building efforts, and a host of other factors. Good SEO is an ongoing process - there are no quick fixes.

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely!  I offer up to a 5 month payment plan for all website packages. You choose if you want to pay in full, or do 2, 3, 4, or 5 equal installments. In most cases, payment is via automated bank transfer.

There is no penalty for choosing a payment plan, and good news - your site can go live anytime after the first installment is paid!  I want you to start finding great new clients as soon as possible.

Many clients are surprised to find themselves able to pay the site off faster than anticipated thanks to the uptick in clients hiring them through their new website.

What other costs might there be for my website that I should plan for?

Great question.  At a baseline, you will need a hosting plan, and a registered domain.

My recommmended hosting company Websavers offers hosting for $7.99 / month CAD (which translates to roughly $6 / month for those of you in the USA ).  It's a smaller company, and they provide excellent site speeds & support. Plus, they are all around good and skilled people who own the company & work there - that's important to me as a business owner myself.

If you choose the Titanium hosting plan at Websavers, you get one free domain registration. If you already own a domain it can generally stay registered where it is. Annual domain fees are generally $10-$20.

Finally, you will need to pay for software fees. There is an annual cost of $50 for the site software billed through The Website Doula. If there are additional extensions such as a calendar plugin that you wish to purchase these fees will be extra.

Your email can be free, or you can pay for a gsuite email.

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