Changes to your Business Facebook Page

doula facebook page

Oh facebook.... they've been making changes again - and based on what I'm seeing on various internet forum, this appears to be a change that has taken place gradually over the past months and without warning. This time they've made it strangely far more difficult to use facebook as your page. Frustrating, I know.

How it Used to Work...

In the good old days you simply clicked on the downward arrow at the top right of your blue bar and chose "Use Facebook as My Page". From there you could monitor your page, view your home feed for the pages you had liked as your business, and interact with other pages as your business. Now, sadly, that feature is GONE.


Want to View Your Facebook Page News Feed?

Go to the timeline for your business page and click on view pages feed.

Want to Interact with Other Business Pages as your Business Facebook Profile?

Ideally you have already "liked" other relevant pages as your business to help build your profile and engagement. (If not, you can unlike them as yourself, and re-like them as your business page!). If you want to comment on a page as your business, use the little grey triangle at the top right of the post and ensure that you have selected your page, rather than your personal profile.

To make this a permanent setting, go to your business page, click on settings, and then post attribution to select posting as your page.


To Like / Comment / Share a Page on Facebook as your Business

Let's say another page or individual has posted something really fantastic that you want to share on your business page. Here's how...

*Select "Share" (Note: NOT "Share Now" as that will go straight to your personal profile!)

First, below the post in question click on SHARE and then select “Share…” (don’t click on “SHARE NOW” as this will immediately share the post to your personal Facebook Profile not on your Page and then you'll have to quickly delete it and start over - yes, I've done it more than once.)

Next, choose "on a page you manage" and designate which page you want to share the fantastic post to, ensuring that it says "posting as" + your business page name. You can of course add your own message, and then choose "share".


Are you ready to commit and like another page as your page?

This too is strangely counter-intuitive. When you're on the timeline for that page, look for the ... symbol on the right. Click on this, and choose "like as your page" and then select which page you'd like to like it as (if you have more than one page that you're an administrator).


Ready to break up with another facebook business page and click unlike?

To unlike a Page to stop that Page’s posts displaying in your Page’s news feed, got and view the timeline of the Page you want to unlike and click on the ‘…’ and select “Remove from My Page’s Favorites”.