Your Doula Website Traffic

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What plug-in do you recommend for knowing the statistics on your doula website traffic?

This is one of the questions y'all asked in my 2017 website questions survey, which I am answering bit by bit over the year to come.

While the answer is partially dependent on the type of website you have, all of you can benefit from the information provided by Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Both are free tools available to anyone with a Google account that provide invaluable statistics on how people are visiting & using your website.

Many website builders (Wix, SquareSpace, Weebly include a free analytics tool that offers a more basic analysis (or with some with a higher level paid membership you get more info). You don't need to pay for this service.

Google's analytics tools are FREE y'all!

My SEO Birth Plan ecourse has a whole module on Google Analytics & Google Search Console and how to access the great information available there. I can't get that into depth here, but here's an overview of just some of the types of information you can learn about your doula website traffic:

  • Search terms your site shows up for
  • Where your site visitors are coming from
  • What % of your visitors are on mobile
  • How long they like to spend on your site?
  • Which pages are the most popular?
  • Which pages do the spend the most time on?
  • How many visitors did you have last month? Last year?
  • Who links to your site?
  • How do people travel through your site?
  • How old are site visitors? Gender? (you might be surprised!)
  • Which pages are creating errors?

and more!

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