Raw Chocolate Truffles for Doulas

birth snacks for doulas

I believe in good food, and nourishing ourselves as birth professionals. Whether at your desk or in the wee hours at a birth, good food can make all the difference in helping you stay alert & focused.

Here is one of my favorites - full of iron, calcium & protein - and great to help "keep things moving". I use them for postpartum mamas as well as a special energy boost for those late night breastfeeds.

Raw Truffles

These work best if you have a food processor with an "S" blade to make a fine blend of the ingredients.

1 Cup Raw Almonds
1 Cup Pitted Date
Grind these to a fine paste using your food processor. Then add:
3 T Raw Cocoa Powder
1 T honey (optional)
and a 1-3 Tablespoons of water - drizzle this into the food processor until you see the mixture forming a ball. You don't want it to get too wet & sticky. The balls will stick together nicely with just a bit of moisture.

Roll them into bite sized balls - I prefer maybe 1/2 inch in diameter (that way the recipe makes more!). You can keep these in the fridge or on the counter. Or if you need to control yourself, have a loved one hide them from you.

There are countless variations - try adding dried apricot, dried cherries or cranberries, coconut or ginger to the mix. Once you've made the balls, try rolling them in flax meal, coconut or sesame seeds for extra nourishment & deliciousness - and to keep your fingers from getting sticky...

Careful, these are so tasty you might need to eat the first batch in secret, and then make another to share with your clients.

Enjoy! Please share your results & variations on the recipe below.


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