Your Google+ Business Page: A Guide for Doulas

google business page tutorial

A while back I wrote a post about how stock photo companies seem to be a tad clueless as to the sheer numbers of birth and postpartum professionals who are looking for good quality photos of pregnancy, birth and doula care in action. Instead of photos of doulas we get Michael Douglas and fir trees...

**I have just published a guide to quality free & paid sources of stock photos for doulas - take a look!

Doula Google+ Business pageOn a similar note, those of you who have created a Doula Google Plus business page for your birth or postpartum practice have likely hit a wall when having to choose a category for your business. Let's take a step back for a moment - you may be wondering: "What on earth is a Google+ Business page?" You know how sometimes when you search for local pizza, or a massage therapist, or a doula, there is either a listing of Google+ pages that comes up and/or a map with a bunch of red balloons? Those are Google+ pages, my friends, and if you don't have one you are missing out on a simple way to show up well online. (By the way, having great reviews on your Google+ page helps even more, so be sure to check out this tutorial on a creative way to get more reviews.) You'll also find a helpful tutorial on creating your Google+ page below.


Choosing a category for your Google+ Business Page

Back to the problem at hand... If you are creating a Google+ Business page you need to select a category for your business. Now if you run a biscuit shop, or are a "Power Station Equipment Supplier" (What does that even mean???!), you're in luck because Google has created a category just for you. Birth professionals, however, have surprisingly few options. The closest fits I've found include: Birth Center, Pregnancy Care Center, Alternative Medical Practitioner, PhD Doctor (for those of you with an advanced degree), Consultant, and Baby Shop. I talk more about this in the tutorial below - I know, none of these are likely perfect unless you actually do manage a birth center or baby shop.

Hiding your address on your Google+ Business Page

Also... many doulas worry that a Doula Google Plus business page will require your home address to be listed as your location. Thankfully, they now offer a "service area" option so that be in the "I serve customers at their location" category rather than a brick and mortar business. Instead of showing your home address, you can set a number of surrounding communities as your location or set a mileage radius around your location.

Here's a brand new tutorial on how to create your Doula Google Plus business page. Setting yours up will help with your search engine results and get your practice included on map results for local service listings. Good luck! >> Click here to start building your Doula Google+ Business page.