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As you might imagine, technology has changed considerably since this post was first written. I have a new beloved To Do List system called Teux Deux – read my review & discover all the great features of this simple yet highly effective (and super affordable) online tool! Plus, I am now a devotee of HoneyBook for client management. While 17hats is still a strong option, I love the design ease and simplicity of HoneyBook – and my clients do too!

One of the best things about birth and postpartum work is the opportunity we have to nurture and support our clients through this extraordinary time in life. It would be lovely if this were the only thing on our to do list – devoting all of our hours to supporting the families who have invited us care for them.

A successful birth and postpartum practice, however, requires a balance of administrative time and marketing efforts – hours invested in client tracking, outreach, networking, intakes and interviews, billing, resource development, and practical tasks such as repacking the birth bag, in addition to longer range planning and business growth. These are easy enough to track when you only have the occasional client, but once a practice begins to grow these tasks can begin to feel overwhelming and scattered.

Enjoy this simple “Things to Do” template I’ve created for your birth or postpartum practice! If you’re looking for a complex client tracking device, this is Not it. I have a great client management system (17 hats!) but when it comes to a To Do List, I like a printed piece of paper that I actually write things on by hand. Call me old-fashioned, but there’s something about writing things down that helps me get them done instead of leaving them in virtual format limbo land on my screen!

I find it a useful way to track where my energy is going, and keep perspective on what truly needs my attention. Feel free to print it and use for your own “To Do” list, or use it as a foundation to create your own dream To Do page. Download your To Do List Template

The Inspirational Quote

I’ve left a blank space at the base of the TO DO list for you to include a favorite quote that keeps you inspired. It is there as a gentle reminder to help shape your days. My favourite?

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”


is for those tasks that will take just 5 minutes or less, but when you’ve got 10 of them that need doing it can feel daunting. Keeping them in a separate box helps you to keep perspective and get ’em done!

Just Do It!

is just for those projects that need your absolute immediate attention – big or small – they are truly urgent and deserve your full attention. If by the end of the week they’re still sitting there, well…. While you’re at it, why not add a few self-care plans in this segment?

Phone Calls

I find it helpful to separate pending phone calls from the rest of the to do list. It helps me both procrastinate making the calls, and keeps the rest of the to do list looking manageable.


Most of us have at least a few tasks that are halfway done. Waiting for a message back from the client you need to confirm a time with on for your next prenatal visit? Did you email a client asking them to complete a testimonial for you but haven’t heard from them yet? The tasks that are still dangling go here…


We all have them! Brilliant someday ideas you would Love to bring into being for your business. Now may not be the time, but why not include these on your list as a gentle reminder that their day will come. Dreams are a very good thing to have, and this daily reminder will help you get to them sooner 🙂 Download your To Do List Template Now


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