Your Doula Business Cards for 2021

doula business cards

Way back when I started my life as a self-employed doula and a childbirth educator, a tiny business card was all I needed. It was a standard VistaPrint design (the funkiest one they had) and included my Name, Services, Phone Number, Email, and Website. Full colour on the front, blank on the back. Old school business cards! I’ve actually kept all of mine since the very beginning – and would so love to show you my very first doula business card, but they are currently somewhere deep in my storage unit.

Long gone are the days when a doula business card was as simple as your contact information on a bit of card stock. As the marketing world has adapted to the needs of modern consumers, so have doula business cards. Why invest in a quality doula business card? For clients who are referred to you by a care provider, or who pick up your card at the local baby shop, this is their first introduction to you. This means your card needs to reflect your doula practice vibe and quality of service. When a potential client talks with you on the phone or meets you in real life, it’s easy to pick up on your brilliant self. Why not let your business card give them a hint of just how awesome it’s going to be to meet you at your initial doula consult?

Our goal of course is for someone to not only receive or pick up your doula business card, but actually take action to hire you.


Yes, you need to include your contact info & social media profiles on there – but keep it simple. Encourage them to text by including your cell #. When listing your website domain address you don’t have to include the https:// or the www – people know where to go! A simple list of your services is fine – in general, the less written content on your business cards the better. Your website will provide the information they need to know – the card’s goal is to get them to your doula website!


I know there are lots of templates available out there on business card sites such as and Vistaprint. If you’re just starting out and designing something original simply isn’t an option, that’s just fine – but do see if you can spice it up with some of the DIY tips below. The catch is that a quick visit to any cafe bulletin board will likely reveal at least one business card that looks almost Exactly like yours. Do you want your doula business card to match the local plumber or piano teacher?


There are 1001 options these days for business cards. You can still go with old school rectangular white cards, but can also choose interesting shapes, textures, and papers. For shapes, there are lots of cool options out there such as square or circular cards, but you can also take a standard card and clip a corner or side with fancy scissors. Paper options come in all types now, from 100% recycled to compostable with flower seeds to elaborate textures. You can even emboss cards with your text so that they are multi-dimensional. I especially love the Printfinity option offered by that allows you to have a range of different images on your cards. or vary the image for your cards To help your doula business card be memorable you may also consider adding something to it – here are just a few ideas:
✓ Watercolour the edges or surfaces of the cards
✓ A small ribbon tied in a bow onto a hole punched in the corner.
✓ Simple twine tied into a hole with an inspirational word related to birth attached to it.
Save on printing costs by creating your own rounded corners with this sweet tool.
✓ Make heart hole punches in your card or stars, or flowers…
✓ Create an image on your cards using colorful washi tape!
✓ Use a stamp with your logo and varied ink colors
✓ Create half circles on your cards with a wine glass! (this could look really cool, or could be a total disaster – worth trying out on spare paper first!)Tutorial here…


So the whole point of your doula business card is to either have them contact you directly or go straight to your website. Your doula business card needs to serve as a seduction, an invitation to learn more. To accomplish this goal you of course need a card that is memorable in its’ design, but perhaps the most direct approach is to feature some kind of giveaway on the back of your card that they have to visit your doula website to receive. For example, “I’ve created a special guide to Denver birth options just for you – visit my site for your free download!” When they get there, they would see a simple page looking something like this example below. Notice how it offers additional opportunities for them to hang out a bit longer on the site & keep learning from you with more blog post and service links (this is great for your search engine optimization as it makes people stay longer on your website which tells google that you must be a great resource.

doula business card


This one’s a bit of a mixed blessing, as they’re more likely to keep your business card, possibly display it in a visible place in their home, and even share it with a friend, but there might only be room for your website & phone number in small print. All of the ideas below would work really well as a fridge magnet doula business card! Examples of useful items to include on one side of your card:
✓ List of milk storage guidelines for breastfeeding moms
✓ Inspirational or funny quote about birth or motherhood
✓ Inspiring birth affirmations
✓ List of signs of early labor
✓ Local resource phone numbers for postpartum


Canva – versatile and easy to use for doula business cards.
Jukebox Print – lots of creative design options. – using this link will get you free samples of your cards before you print. – high quality beautiful templates. In case this blog post hasn’t already utterly overwhelmed you with great options, here are some additional resources to consider:
✓ Find beautiful business card templates on creative market – note these come in PSD format and are 100% customizable, but you’ll need a copy of Photoshop to do so – or hire someone on Fiverr!
✓ Want to make your own business cards? Here are some DIY unique business card ideas
✓ Tips and tricks for stunning business cards


Hi there, I’m Sarah Juliusson, and yes I really am a Website Doula. I support your practice growth with creative website design, seasoned business guidance, and plenty of great resources to help you find your way. With 12 years in web design, and another 20+ years as a health & wellness pro, I believe in the value of your work as much as you do. Get started today with a Free Discovery Call!

- Sarah Juliusson (she/her), the WEBSITE DOULA