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Build your own beautiful, easy-to-manage website with the DIY WEBSITE SCHOOL!

Build your own site with website doula care!

My DIY hourly website support packages offer birth professionals who want to build their own website the best of both worlds. Whether you are just starting out, or feeling stuck getting your template to do what you want it to do(!), or just need a small dose of outside perspective and practical skills, my role as your Website Doula is to help you bring your website to the next level. From content feedback to design improvements, I offer practical guidance and insight to take your website to the next level.

Stuck at 6cm? Just a few hours of help make a BIG difference!


  • Initial WordPress installation & training

    Get your new website off to the right start by hiring me to lay the foundation and teach you the basics of what you need to know.

  • Website Coaching

    Phone calls to provide live guidance, feedback, and the occasional virtual shoulder massage. I also offer live & video tutorial sessions to learn the ropes of building or managing your site.

  • Design upgrades

    You'll be amazed at how quickly we can transform your design elements, from fonts to colors and site structure.

  • Sign up form or a special giveaway

    Build your mailing list with a free giveaway and signup form on your website.  I can help you design your giveaway and set up a website signup form linked to your free Mailchimp account.

  • Search engine optimization

    Your finished website includes the core SEO settings, setup with analytics tools, and sitemap submission.

Is DIY Website Doula Care the right fit for You?

Building your own website is a big leap, but totally doable for those willing to dive into a bit of a learning curve with curiosity and the willingness to take risks. Even just a few hours of DIY website doula care support can make the difference between an exercise in frustration and a successful website build. If you've reached a place where you're just not clear on how to move forward with your website and need it to work better for your business, I am here to help.

If you're not sure building your own site is the right fit for you, and you think you might be ready to pass this task on to someone with the time & skills to help this be Easy(!), take a look at my website design packages! I offer highly flexible starter doula website templates along with custom website design. My ebooks & courses are designed to grow your skills and independence as a business owner, including search engine optimization.

Catherine Doula and Parent Educator

“One bonus I found to working with Sarah is her wonderful way with words. During our visioning call, she would rattle off phrases that were exactly what I wanted to convey and I could barely keep up with my note taking, trying to capture her wording! I am not a bad writer, but I think that Sarah’s editing and suggestions improved the language on my site quite a bit.”

Doula & Childbirth Educator

“I hired Sarah to help me fix a page on my website and update, modernize, and streamline the registration process for my childbirth classes. Sarah did beautiful work…the changes she made were everything I asked for, plus the things I didn’t know to ask for. She brought the kind of touch that only an expert on web design AND birth work can bring to this work. I was thrilled with how she took my vision and created something even better than I imagined. I’m so grateful for Sarah’s help and will definitely be coming back for more!”

Childbirth Educator & Belly Casting
DIY Website Review

“You really understand the business dynamics of being a doula and how that should translate to a website. I really love my website and feel so much more secure and confident in my online presence! I have already been told by two clients how they appreciated being able to get to know me from my website, which was totally our goal! I loved working with you! You were somehow able to listen to my thoughts and turn them into my dream website.”

Birth Doula
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