If you're on this page, I'm guessing you're not feeling super confident with your website right now.  I'm here to help! If you have found yourself thinking:

“I can see people are visiting my website, but nobody ever contacts me."

"Why isn't my website isn't showing up anywhere in search?"

"I know my website could be so much stronger, but I have been staring at it so long I don't even know where to start."


Did you build your own website? Awesome!  Or perhaps you're wanting a refresh on a site built for you a few years ago, and you're not sure where to start. It's pretty normal to wake up one morning and simply not love your website anymore. What looked great yesterday is suddenly just kind of "meh", or even "blech."  It's frighteningly easy to spend MANY long hours starting at your website and making small tweaks, and never really feel like you get anywhere.  Guess what? A bit of fresh perspective and expert advice can make all the difference.

My comprehensive website review package is designed to get you "unstuck" with concrete tips to improve your site content, website strategy, client conversion, mobile function & design choices.

Each website review package includes:

  • Professional feedback based on 10 years of website design experience with hundreds of clients in the birth & holistic health industry.
  • Full screencast video review of your website, with feedback & insights on up to 5 pages. Minimum video length: 30 minutes.
  • Targeted To Do List with key suggestions for site improvement. I pay particular attention to ways you can: improve messaging, enhance SEO, strengthen client conversion, streamline design, and more.
  • 30 minute website coaching call.


Only need a bit of website guidance? I also offer hourly website coaching calls at $150 / hour.

How to get started:

  • 1 Complete my website review request form. This is simply a first step, not a commitment to working with me!
  • 2 I will take a quick look through your site to confirm that your site is a good fit for this package. If you need additional site feedback that goes beyond the baseline of 5 pages provided in the package, I will confirm the additional cost required.
  • 3 Once you decide to move forward we will begin with my Design Strategy Intake Form. This is an opportunity for you to provide me with your thoughts on how your site is working for you now, key business goals, and identify particular aspects of your website that you want to be sure to get guidance on.

*I promise to let you know if this package is NOT a good fit for your website. If I feel your website is in need of a more comprehensive rebuild, we can do a free website consult to determine if one of my design packages will be a good fit for your needs.