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Hey - thanks for taking the time to connect & ask your question.  I look forward to reading your email & helping you move forward with your website needs. I do my very best not to work evenings & weekends, so you might not hear from me for a day or two. Thanks for your patience! In the meantime, please enjoy the links below to some of my most popular blog posts.

- Sarah Juliusson, The Website Doula

Sarah Juliusson The Website Doula

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Website Design Warmth TIps

Warm, connected & cared for: Building relationships online

You know how sometimes someone’s words just open up a whole new framework of understanding? I totally love that feeling of someone articulating an idea that I know in my belly but haven’t yet truly put into words… While driving to school pick up on Tuesday afternoon I was listening to a totally random podcast about brand strategy. The woman being interviewed said: “Our goal with our brand strategy is to help site visitors feel connected and well cared for.” BAM! That’s it! That phrase right there is the heart of all of my work with y’all. Yes, I want you to sell more of your services. Of course! But at the heart, I want those who visit your website to feel connected and well cared for, so that they can recognize you as the fabulous resource that you are. I’m going to add warm into the mix as well.…

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Build your own doula website

Want to build your own website? 6 questions you should answer first.

As a website designer (aka website doula…) I get the calls from the doulas who are ready to throw in the towel after months of wasted time trying to figure out whatever website platform they have chosen. I get the calls from the doulas whose websites have been live for a year and haven’t resulted in any new clients. These are the birth pros who breathe a deep sigh of relief when we talk and they learn that the site they have been stuck at 6cm with for ages, will now come to life within weeks! SHOULD YOU BUILD YOUR OWN WEBSITE? For some birth pros, DIY website design is a Great fit. I’ve seen some absolutely gorgeous and highly effective websites created by birth and postpartum pros. Sometimes you need to jump in and give it a try to know if the DIY design choice is the right fit…

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writing website content get unstuck

How to get unstuck with writing your doula website content

Stuck at 6cm… While I haven’t attended any births in the past few years, I see women get stuck at 6 cm all the time as a Website Doula. It goes like this: Susie the Doula starts out feeling super confident about writing website content and building her site. A month later, she still hasn’t sent me the draft of her about page, let alone a description of her services. She’s stuck and the important task of content creation for her new website ends up at the very bottom of the to do list where it is easily avoided. Sound familiar? Here’s the problem. When we get stuck in our writing it means all that is wonderful about what you have to share with the world is Stuck as well. As a result, either your website creation will be delayed by months, or you will go with more standard (i.e.…

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stock photos for your doula website

Free & Paid Sources for Doula Stock Photos

Let’s face it – there is a wide range of truly bad stock photography out there readily available for you to illustrate your birth or postpartum services website. Cheesy, unrealistic, excessive pregnant glow, and Very limited diversity represented in ethnicity, and LGBTQI families. Most photos of birth involve a health care practitioner & a blood pressure cuff, or a woman laying nearly flat in a hospital bed. NOT exactly the message we’re wanting to send! Looking for a photo of an actual doula in action? You’re more likely to end of up with photos of Michael Douglas (find out what I’m talking about here…) While there are the standard free stock photos out there to choose from, all of which have some decent and a few fabulous photos in the mix, the stock photography business has opened up considerably in the past few years to include some innovative options. Some…

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