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Are you struggling to get out a new health & wellness blog post? Stuck figuring out what to say on a social media post? Need to generate client handouts and feeling overwhelmed by the task? There’s a new AI kid on the block: ChatGPT, and it’s all the rage. It’s really impressive, actually. I’ve tested it out with a long line of themes and the writing it provides is clear, original, and accurate. Amazingly, if I enter the same question 3x it’s written differently every time.

So is this the magic bullet for solving your content creation woes as a health & wellness business owner?

ChatGPT might just be your new best friend. But you have to use it wisely… Let’s take a closer look together.

I asked Chatbot GPT to write about 3 reasons why I should choose an Integrative Wellness Clinic. About 10 seconds later, it had written the following response for me:

  1. Holistic Approach: Integrative wellness clinics take a holistic approach to healthcare, considering the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a person’s health. This comprehensive approach helps to address the root causes of health issues rather than just treating the symptoms.
  2. Personalized Care: Integrative wellness clinics typically offer personalized care that is tailored to the individual needs of each patient. This means that practitioners take the time to get to know their patients, understand their health history, and create a customized treatment plan that addresses their unique needs.
  3. Integration of Different Therapies: Integrative wellness clinics often incorporate a range of different therapeutic techniques, such as acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, and nutrition, in addition to conventional medical treatments. This allows patients to benefit from a variety of different approaches, and choose the ones that work best for them. Additionally, practitioners at integrative wellness clinics are trained to work together in a collaborative manner, which helps to ensure that patients receive the most effective and comprehensive care possible.
ChatGPT for health and wellness blogs

Go ahead and give it a try! It’s more than a bit trippy – but also very cool. I shared it with a client the other day who was feeling completely overwhelmed by blogging. This instantly made her feel like she might just be able to get over her resistance and embrace it as a tool. Many clients have benefitted from my guidance to create content through verbal transcription, but this is seriously next level!

Like most new technology, there is a problem, however…

From a technical standpoint, the excerpt above is just fine. It has good SEO terms, it’s well written, clear, and all the info appears to be there. (I do, however, strongly encourage you to review it in depth to ensure accuracy and alignment with your expertise!)

However… it’s just not you. It’s stiff, and void of your brand personality.

Even the tool admits its limitations right there on the page where you enter your request:

How to use ChatGPT effectively for your Health & Wellness Blog

As AI technology improves, there is much conversation how to use it effectively.

Step #1: Rewrite the content to be infused with your voice and personality as a Health & Wellness business owner.

Your blog post needs to be accurate, of course, but also written in a way that engages and builds connection! Truth is, just about anyone could have written the text above. If you are the owner of your own health & wellness business you need more than informative but BLAH content. You need that blog post to feel like it is infused with the spirit of your practice!

Here are a few simple ways to include more of your spirit in the ChatGPT text:

Tell ChatGPT who your audience is before it writes the text!

For example, I began by asking ChatGPT to write the following: I need a blog post for urban new families to learn about swaddling.

The resulting text was informative and all about swaddling, and used the word “urban” just once.

I then asked the tool to continue with the following query: Add 2 paragraphs about why swaddling is beneficial for urban families in NYC

This is what I got:

Swaddling can be especially beneficial for urban families living in NYC. The fast-paced and noisy environment of the city can be overwhelming for a newborn, and swaddling can provide a sense of comfort and security that can help them feel more at ease. Additionally, many families in the city live in smaller spaces and may not have a separate nursery for their baby.

Swaddling can help create a portable and comfortable sleeping environment for your baby, whether you’re at home, out and about, or traveling. Finally, many urban families rely on public transportation to get around, and swaddling can help keep your baby calm and secure while riding the subway, bus, or taxi. With all these benefits, swaddling can be an essential tool for urban families in NYC looking to provide their babies with a safe and comfortable sleeping environment, no matter where they go.

Bingo! Way more tailored to my audience. We’re not done with the editing yet though… Keep reading for more helpful ideas to customize your ChatGPT-generated content for your health & wellness blog.

Step #2: Add your own health & wellness stories & anecdotes to the AI-generated content!

The AI tool is essentially scraping the internet for information about your query. This is great for getting the details written, but it is missing all of your personal expertise and perspective. And frankly, that’s why people read your content – or at least why they keep reading it!

What makes the difference between a “BLAH” and “WOW!” blog posts are the stories & encouragement that only you can include.

Your stories & insights give people a chance to feel connected to you as a holistic practitioner. Ideally, your blog will feel like a conversation, not a textbook! You want your blog post to be a chance to get to know you more. You DO NOT want to simply add more random informative noise to the internet…

In fact, I asked the tool what it thinks using this question:

Why it’s essential to infuse ChatGPT text with your own voice as a holistic practitioner >

Infusing chatbot GPT text with your own voice can help to personalize the conversation and make it feel more human-like. Here are a few reasons why this is important:

Building Trust: People tend to trust other people more than they trust machines or algorithms. By infusing your own voice into the conversation, you can help to build trust and create a more authentic interaction.

Enhancing Engagement: Using your own voice can help to make the conversation more engaging and interesting. This can lead to increased user satisfaction and better overall performance for the chatbot.

Providing Context: Your voice can help to provide context and nuance to the conversation that may be difficult for a machine to understand. This can help to ensure that the chatbot provides accurate and relevant responses.

Establishing Brand Identity: Using your own voice can help to establish a brand identity and create a more consistent user experience. By infusing your brand’s values and personality into the conversation, you can help to differentiate your chatbot from competitors and create a stronger connection with users.

– text generated by ChatGPT

Step #3: Don’t ONLY cut & paste. Use it as the blog foundation rather than the script.

Want to use the AI tool to generate content easily? Go for it! But then go through each paragraph and rewrite as much as you can in your own voice. I see AI as a great way to have something to work from. No more staring at a blank screen and writers’ block!

Here’s an example of how you might rewrite content generated by ChatGPT:

Coconut oil has many benefits for you. First, it’s a great source of healthy fats that can support your heart health and help reduce inflammation in your body. Additionally, it contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which can be a quick source of energy for your body and brain. Coconut oil can also benefit your skin and hair, as it has moisturizing and antimicrobial properties that can help prevent dryness, acne, and dandruff. You can use coconut oil in a variety of ways, such as cooking with it, using it as a natural skin moisturizer, or incorporating it into your hair care routine. With its many potential benefits, incorporating coconut oil into your lifestyle can be a simple way to support your overall health and wellbeing.


Have you discovered the magic of coconut oil? There are so many benefits – in the kitchen, and as part of my self-care routine. My mom freaked out when she first saw me cooking with coconut oil. “It’s so high in fat, Sarah!” Yes, it is, but it’s a great source of healthy fat in your diet. It can do everything from support your heart health to helping reduce inflammation in your body. I struggle with osteoarthritis in my knees, so anything that reduces inflammation is my best friend!

The medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) found in coconut oil serve as a quick source of energy for your body and brain. Check out my recipe for chocolate fat bombs! I use coconut oil for self-care as well, including as a natural skin moisturizer with my dry skin. Including coconut oil as a staple in my kitchen – and my bathroom – has been a simple way to support my health and wellbeing.

I literally went line by line and just wrote it in my voice. All the same core concepts are there, but it feels more like me – and is way more engaging to read.

Make sure you also:

  • Include your SEO keywords & variations
  • Define the action you want readers to take. That might be downloading a free giveaway or booking a consult with you.
  • Look for opportunities to link between the other posts & pages on your site.
  • You can ask the AI tool to rewrite content in first and second person – an easy way to make it feel more personal right away.

Clients want to know what you think! The tool can write a very informative post about the benefits of eating healthy fats from a holistic nutrition lens. But only you can provide insights on the impact this has on your clients – and yourself (!), how your perspective has been shaped by your clinical experience, and what you want your clients to understand.

Step #5: Review for Inclusive Language

I tested out the bot with the following question: Please write 5 tips for new parents on chestfeeding. it successfully wrote the tips using only the term chestfeeding and no gendered language. I did the same using breastfeeding, and it still didn’t use any gendered language. Still, it’s important to review the text to ensure that it means your standards of inclusive care.

There is no doubt that ChatGPT and similar tools will dramatically change the landscape of content on the internet – ease of creation, and likely leading to a plethora of “bot” content that all sounds the same. It’s more important than ever for you to establish YOUR unique voice to help you stand out. Still, ChatGPT can absolutely ease your writing woes with an instant foundation for your next post.

Google is already looking at how to detect purely bot-written content and ensure that their top search results are original and human-generated. The implications of AI content will become more clear in the years to come.

So… I encourage you to check out ChatGPT as a tool, enjoy the ease it has to offer you as a health and wellness business owner, and then Adapt using the tips above and make it work for you!

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