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New! Google+ Booking Button

Google+ Book Now Button Doulas

I’ve already written plenty about Google+, from how to create your Google places business page, to a nifty trick to create your own custom link to source client reviews on Google+. I’m delighted to share with you the new Google+ BOOK NOW BUTTON feature in coordination with a number of online booking companies. That’s right…

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Facebook Live for Doulas #2: Choosing Topics

doula facebook live topics

>> Not yet a fan of my Facebook page? Join me here. So I did my first facebook live yesterday! Honestly I never would have gone ahead with it if I hadn’t had a moment of insanity and actually scheduled the session a few days before via my blog and a facebook announcement. I generally…

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Social Media for Doulas: Instagram and Facebook

facebook or instagram for doulas

A doula recently asked me >> “Do I HAVE to do both Instagram AND Facebook?” First, you actually don’t HAVE to do either social media platform. There are other pathways to marketing your business such as search engine optimization and personal referrals. If you’re truly going to be miserable on a particular social media platform…

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Simple Trick for Google Reviews

how to get google+ reviews for your doula page

Having a Google+ Business Page with glowing reviews is a great way to boost your website rankings, allowing for an additional way for your site to show up in local search. (Here is my tutorial on how to create a Google+ business page for your doula practice!) Recently Google Business & Google Plus separated their…

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Changes to your Business Facebook Page

doula facebook page

Oh facebook…. they’ve been making changes again – and based on what I’m seeing on various internet forum, this appears to be a change that has taken place gradually over the past months and without warning. This time they’ve made it strangely far more difficult to use facebook as your page. Frustrating, I know. How…

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The Downside of Facebook Like Ladders

doula facebook like ladder

I know how lonely Facebook can be… When you created your business Facebook page, perhaps you envisioned lively conversation on topics about birth and postpartum. You’d share a great resource, your page fans would like, comment and share, and your number of likes would grow grow grow. This is, in theory, how Facebook is meant…

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Love Birth – Love Pinterest

pinterest for doulas

Do you love Pinterest?  So do I. I have gathered on my Pinterest boards a lovely collection of craft projects, recipes to try, gift ideas, homeschooling projects, and inspirations for my one-day, long-awaited, much-dreamed-of kitchen reno.  This is of course, my personal Pinterest page. Thankfully, Pinterest allows you to have both a personal page and…

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Meaningful Social Media & your Birth Practice

social media for doulas: instagram or facebook

Would you like to use social media for your birth practice but don’t want to add to the endless “filler” content we see on facebook? When used wisely, social media can be both an authentic voice for your birth practice, and a powerful tool of engagement. Here are a few tips to help you serve…

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The magical secret to success on your doula facebook page

facebook doula business

Like so many aspects of managing and growing your own birth practice, social media has a learning curve.  Even for those who are well-practiced at using facebook with friends and family, a business page for your doula or childbirth education business presents a different challenge. From the question of how to get followers, to the…

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