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Oh SEO… It makes most people want to hide under the covers and never even try. Some of us, however, totally geek out on this stuff. Search engine optimization, in my opinion, is an incredible tool. Understanding even a bit of how it works can make a big difference for your business.

So, if you want to learn about keywords, on page optimization, off page optimization, why site speed matters for your SEO, and how on earth to get those page one results you long for, this is the blog category for you!

link building strategy

Online Links for your Doula Website

Getting links for your birth or postpartum website is a key component of your SEO strategy. Along with of course local listings on the websites of other local practitioners such as the midwifery clinic or chiropractic office, you can set up national or international level links on a variety of listing sites. Along with the…

vaginal steaming seo

Vaginal Steaming and SEO

It would appear that a new trend has emerged in the birth industry! While doing search engine optimization for a client’s website I found a striking result in the Google keyword tool. It’s pretty crazy. Between December 2014 and January 2105 searches on Google for the terms “vaginal steaming” and “vaginal steam” more more than…

mobile responsive seo

Is your website mobile responsive?

Big changes are happening in search!  While google often makes updates to the criteria it uses to rank sites, this week they made a big announcement: Search engine results will soon include mobile friendly labels. Basically, when you get search results listings, there will be a mobile friendly tag on the sites that are mobile…

birth work seo

Birth Work meets Search Engine Optimization

I’m setting out to draw a parallel between birth work and good search engine optimization in this post – probably the first time this has ever been attempted. This is inspired by my SEO BIRTH PLAN course, exploring website strategy and search engine optimization for birth & holistic professionals. Ok, get ready to be impressed…


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I do my best to include helpful posts for your online strategy and your holistic business. Whether you are a midwife, chiropractor, doula, or non-profit / advocacy organization, you will find tips & tricks to improve your website and use it as a creative tool to get more clients.

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