website speed and SEO

Fast Websites Have Better SEO

February 9, 2017

I’m not sure “Fast Websites Have Better SEO” would make much of a tshirt slogan, but the benefits of site speed are worth paying attention to. Did you know that 40% of people abandon a website page if it doesn’t load in less than 3 seconds? THREE SECONDS y’all. I…

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Why Your Doula Website Isn’t Showing Up in Search

January 13, 2017

I got this question from a doula on the Heart|Soul|Business page where I am a moderator, and thought I’d turn my response into a blog post because it touches on some important points to remember when evaluating how your site is performing in search. (Also, a great example of how…

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The Website Doula in Costa Rica

You asked – I’m answering

January 10, 2017

Last week I put out an anonymous questionnaire inviting you to ask me just about any personal or website related question with the goal of opening up a new level of conversation in 2017. You all responded with a host of great business questions & a few tasty personal ones,…

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avoiding doula burnout

Avoiding Doula Burnout: The Tale of a Doula Sabbatical

January 5, 2017

I know a lovely, skilled, dynamic, and incredibly inspired doula & childbirth educator who has been at risk for doula burnout. Let’s call her Betsy. She does absolutely incredible things in her community, creating innovative offerings that have established her as a respected expert. She’s one of those people that…

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Ask the Doula – What Do You Want to Know in 2017?

December 29, 2016

Happy almost new year! I thought I’d welcome 2017 by inviting you to ask me questions related to business or website strategy – this is your chance to truly treat me as your “doula”. Consider this an open door to my office! I’ll be answering your questions in future blog…

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Doula Blog Strategies

Blog Strategies for Doulas: Six Tips to Keep it Simple

December 26, 2016

Want to blog but worry about the time commitment? Have trouble imagining how on earth you’ll manage to write regular posts? Blogging doesn’t have to be nearly as complicated as many birth workers imagine. I find myself sharing these same nuggets of advice over and over again with clients, so…

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Poetry Lucille Clifton Song of Mary

Mary’s Birth Story: The Poems of Lucille Clifton

December 23, 2016

As a devoted birth professional, I’ve always felt a fascination with Mary’s side of the story as we approach Christmas. As a young woman I discovered a series of five Mary poems by powerful poet Lucille Clifton. From Mary’s childhood with a future already written, to her experience of conception,…

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featured doula interview the birth bag

Introducing … The Birth Bag by Doula Kristin Smith

December 8, 2016

I’m pleased to introduce you to Kristin Smith, creator of The Birth Bag, a new pre-packed labor support bag for families planning a hospital birth without the support of a doula. Kristin is a longtime birth and postpartum doula, and this is her first venture into offering a product on…

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how to get new doula clients

How to Get New Doula Clients

December 5, 2016

Many years ago my dear husband took an advanced networking and business skills training. He was looking to translate his international non-profit skills into a new sector, and find effective ways to communicate his worth to potential employers. He was gifted with an incredibly simple, but invaluable teaching that has…

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On Birth Nerds and Passwords: My Confession

November 28, 2016

As a website designer I have endless opportunities to share passwords with clients. New website login information, mailchimp logins, email passwords – I spend an unusual amount of time each week verifying passwords. As you know, a quality password should involve a blend of capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and…

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Doula Website Design Inspiration

Birthing Your Website: Finding Your Design Inspiration

November 14, 2016

There is this moment in the journey of birthing a new website as we seek design inspiration and just the right blend of elements. It happens with every single website I help design. It feels a lot like that moment when a labouring mom is 8cm and things really get…

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how to get google+ reviews for your doula page

Simple Trick for Google Reviews

September 30, 2016

Having a Google+ Business Page with glowing reviews is a great way to boost your website rankings, allowing for an additional way for your site to show up in local search. (Here is my tutorial on how to create a Google+ business page for your doula practice!) Recently Google Business…

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