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202 Blog Ideas for Doulas


Do you want to blog on your website, but get stuck when it comes to deciding what on earth to write about? You're not the only one! I hear from frustrated birth and postpartum doulas all the time who would love to have a blog, but simply feel stuck. Thankfully, I have lots of ideas - gathered over my 20+ years as a doula and childbirth educator. Since I'm now officially retired from birth work, and instead working full time in support of you as a website doula, it's time to share them with all of you!

I've gathered a grand total of 202 fantastic ideas for blog posts on a birth or postpartum doula website, or a childbirth education website. You can buy 101 ideas focused on pregnancy and birth, or 101 ideas about postpartum and baby care, or buy them both!

My goal is to help you get unstuck and start writing!

Why Buy My 101 Ideas Handouts?

My 202 Blog Post Ideas for Doulas list is chock full of creative approaches to topics that your clients are looking to learn more about. It includes blog post ideas about your local community that will help you show up well in search, and provide relevant, intriguing content that will inspire site visitors to become clients... Plus, I suspect that my blog topic ideas will get your juices flowing with some ideas of your own!

This resource was designed with birth and postpartum doulas, childbirth educators and midwives in mind. Still, many of the topics will work just as well for other types of practitioners serving birthing families in pregnancy and postpartum. If you're ready to grow your website content with thoughtful and useful new blog posts, these resources are a great fit for you. I've included a mix of practical & thoughtful topic ideas, sure to both inform and inspire your audience.

What's Included in 101 Blog Post Ideas Handouts?

They're pretty simple really. Each one is two pages long, and includes an organized list of 101 blog post topics. Both handouts have a special section with posts for LGBTQ families. SEO-friendly and highly useful for local families, the ideas found here will help your site grow for years to come.

101 BLOG IDEAS ABOUT PREGNANCY AND BIRTH > pregnancy, labor and birth, doula care, childbirth classes, VBAC, and c-sections.
101 BLOG IDEAS ABOUT PREGNANCY AND BIRTH > postpartum healing, baby care, feeding your baby, cloth diapers, and parenting.


"Blogging is challenging for many business owners, but is a necessary part of any marketing strategy. Coming up with blog post topics that are going to grab the attention of your client base can be very time consuming and frustrating, especially for those starting out. Having a list of interesting and relevant topics on hand will save me time and allow me to get right to the work of creating content my clients want to read!"


Childbirth Educator, Postpartum Doula and Breastfeeding Counselor


"These blog post ideas are an excellent jumping off point for those times when I know I need to write, but am overwhelmed with the million & one things that I could write about. The lists are the perfect blend between specific enough to just be used automatically, but open enough that I can write my own version instead, using the list as a brainstorming tool."


Birth & Postpartum doula support, childbirth classes and breastfeeding support


"Blogging is something I aspire to, and can’t seem to make myself do it, and I can see that having a ready list of topics could be really helpful with getting me going. I found it helpful to circle the ones that at first glance struck me as something I would find interesting and easy to write about. This guide is a great for someone who really wants to be an active blogger but is having trouble getting going, or for newer doulas who don’t have as much direct experience to draw from for ideas."


Birth doula, birth doula trainer, childbirth educator


“Great post ideas I would not necessarily have thought of myself…These blog post ideas are so helpful. I was immediately able to pick out many of the ideas that I could start blogging about without much research. As a birth doula, I expected to primarily find the pregnancy and birth prompts to resonate for me, but I found that the postpartum and baby blog list also contained lots of ideas I could post about, and can see the benefits for my SEO and adding value for my clients and students.”


Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Licensed Massage Therapist


"Packed full of brilliant ideas to write a blog post on... An amazing resource for both new and experienced doulas alike! These blog post topics would be a big help to those just starting out blogging and whom are unsure of what to write about, as well as doulas who are stuck in a rut and out of ideas. Worth even more than the selling price and beautifully designed!"




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