Birth and postpartum doula services, Newborn Care Specialists, IBCLC Lactation Consultants and other perinatal support professionals represent a rapidly growing industry around North America. Solo doula practices are transforming into doula agencies, newborn care specialists are becoming a household term, and new awareness is emerging around the importance of skilled birth postpartum care.

I hear from many potential clients about difficult experiences they have had with past web designers who just didn't understand the nature of their work as birth and postpartum professionals. Discomfort with talk of placentas, a belief that your doula website should feel like a medical clinic, and no understanding of doula marketing all can create a challenging web design experience. It is an honor for me to now translate my many years as a doula and childbirth educator into helping you grow your practice with an awesome website presence

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- Sarah Juliusson, the WEBSITE DOULA