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Kristin Smith, Creator of The Birth BagI'm pleased to introduce you to Kristin Smith, creator of The Birth Bag, a new pre-packed labor support bag for families planning a hospital birth without the support of a doula. Kristin is a longtime birth and postpartum doula, and this is her first venture into offering a product on the national level. I wanted to take this chance to ask some questions about her journey to bring The Birth Bag to life. We published The Birth Bag website, complete with ecommerce integration, a few months ago! Be sure to take a look...


How does it feel to take the leap from local doula to a national product?

birthbag1-1It feels weird answering this question, it doesn't feel any different. I'm still a devoted doula, and I think I always will be. It wouldn't feel right not having pregnant bellies and new babies in my every day life. Secondly, I am still absorbing the fact that I actually pulled this off, and put The Birth Bag together. Every now and then I pinch myself to make sure this isn't a dream and sure enough, I walk into the stock room and there are Birth Bags from the floor to the ceiling. I'm excited to share


What new skills have you had to develop in creating and launching The Birth Bag?

Patience is the biggest one. I had some patience before, but I have the "I want it done yesterday personality" and putting a product together takes time, a lot of time. Delegating. I was never good at giving instructions, but I came to realize that I need to hand off tasks and hire some help. Confidence. I am confident in my role as a doula or getting a new baby to sleep, however, I am not confident in my ability to write about my skills. I had to push through that and get my handouts written, and I must say I surprised myself in the end.

What was unexpected along the way?

The cost of fixing mistakes. I had ordered all of the written guides, they had been proof-read by maybe 10 people. When they came in, there was a spelling error. Or ordering an item to go in the bag, and when it arrived, realizing that it wasn't a good fit for The Birth Bag, now I have 0ver 100 pieces of something I won't ever use. You live and learn....

Be sure to visit The Birth Bag website to learn more about her value-packed hospital birth bags and products for families planning a hospital birth.

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