Website Hosting and Domain Registration for Wellness Websites

reasons to have a blog

If you are a wellness or holistic practitioner, such as a doula, chiropractor, midwife, acupuncturist or therapist, you are likely looking for a website host that will provide great tech support, not oversell you on hosting packages you don’t need, and that will keep your website safe & sound. So many wellness practitioners I meet…

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How to add SMS links to your website

woman texting. learn how to create a sms link for websites

REALITY:  Chances are good that the majority of your site visitors are arriving on your site via text. I’m going to show you a special trick. With just a bit of code (I’ll show you how!), you can allow potential clients to click-to-text, and even draft a message for them to send! This is perfect…

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Your Doula Business Cards for 2021

doula business cards

Way back when I started my life as a self-employed doula and a childbirth educator, a tiny business card was all I needed. It was a standard VistaPrint design (the funkiest one they had) and included my Name, Services, Phone Number, Email, and Website. Full colour on the front, blank on the back. Old school…

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SEO Tips for Chiropractors

chiropractor SEO tips

I recently sat down with Dr. Danielle Eaton of Aligned Women to explore search engine optimization tips for chiropractors on her podcast. We quickly found that we have a lot in common in our approaches to supporting clients, including defining your unique niche in order to implement an effective chiropractic marketing strategy. An effective website…

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Simple Logo Design: 6 Common Design Mistakes

common doula logo design mistakes

As a web designer I have seen A LOT of logo drafts for doulas, midwives, lactation consultants & other wellness websites. While I do not do graphic design myself, my web design clients who choose to have an image-based logo often present me with various iterations of their concept needing feedback. Sometimes we get caught…

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Why you really do need a website (preferably a great one!)

why you need a website

Whenever I meet with a potential client who is just starting out in their practice, the question “Do I really need a website?” inevitably comes up. There are SO MANY “should haves” when you’re just starting out – from business cards to social media, and of course a website… Then the website brings up 1001…

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Favicons 101: Why, What & How

favicon 101 for doulas

One of the small details of web design I often get asked about is the mystery of the favicon. On Chrome, Safari and Firefox when you open up a website, the favicon appears in the top left of the tab you have open.  Over and over again I get questions such as: How do I…

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Border Rights and Volunteer Advocacy: What you need to know

Note: This blog post is a radical departure from my typical posts about website strategy, tips & tricks. As The Website Doula, I’ve always maintained a close relationship with my client base. We talk about your websites, yes, but we also talk about life, family, what’s important to you. This topic is very, very important…

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How to reach new clients with content marketing

So there are all kinds of people who are looking for your business, right? Let’s talk about how to reach potential clients who are just in the early informational stages and exploring options. They want to get a bit more information, and have a question – or five… They have a sense that they’d like…

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Why you need an SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate Website

Have you noticed the little green padlock symbol with the words secure starting to show up on the latest edition of Google Chrome? That little green padlock is an increasingly good thing to have. As birth professionals, trust is absolutely Key to your success as a practitioner, and that little green padlock can work wonders.…

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Doula Jobs: How to be a full-time doula

doula jobs

Are you wondering if your job can actually be as a full-time doula? What does the doula jobs industry look like? Wondering if there is even room for more new birth or postpartum doulas to thrive in your community? Or perhaps you’ve been doing doula work part-time or on the side for years and you’re…

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How to take a doula holiday

I’m headed out on holiday this week! As happens every year, we are loading the car with camping gear and headed to a beautiful place for unknown adventures. This year’s destination is the badlands of South Dakota. I’m excited for rugged terrain, blue skies, and wide open expanses (I know, I sound like a tourist…

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